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Doom Rider

(By David Gatward, Published by Hodder)

He has the power to destroy THE WORLD…

Seth Crow lives in a world full of religion and apocalyptic beliefs- and he hates it. While he is at Glastonbury festival putting on his show ‘apocalypse boy’ for money, a huge explosion causes everything and everyone to cease to exist. He meets Lily, a courageous girl who tells him that he has lived a thousand lives. Also, the stop the end of the world, he has been killed in every life before the age of 13! But this time, Lily, who has lived in the shadows of Seth in each life, has decided to save him, to see what happens.

The world starts crumbling apart; rioting, fires, storms of locusts. The end of the world is nigh! And, as Seth travels to find the others to help him, he discovers that he can destroy the world, but also save it…

This book is awesome! David Gatward, the author, has a really vivid imagination that will keep you turning the pages. Each page is action packed and it’s one of those thrill-a-minute books; that you simply just can’t put down! I especially love the characters not only of Seth, who is so realistic, but also of Lily and Kelly. They’re awesome, and I wish I was one of them, it would be so cool!

Overall, I found this book truly amazing. It is based on the tales the author had heard growing up from his father, a Methodist minister. It’s so gripping, and feels real, it’s excellent! It can be quite sad at parts though, so I would leave this book to over 10’s. I would definitely recommend it- it is an amazing thrill ride that includes devastation, love, drama, and of course, Seth the amazing Doom Rider!


BY Kate Harrison, Published By Indigo (orion)

It’s getting hotter

 on the beach…

The first book in this compelling trilogy, Soul Beach, was all about Alice Forster, and her murdered sister. She is able to communicate with her dead sibling through a secret website called, and Alice is sent on an adventure to determine the killer of her sister.

In this awesome sequel, Alice keeps in touch with her dead sister on the virtual paradise of soul beach, and Alice is somewhat of a hero there- finding out death conspiracys of other dead teenagers who she becomes friends with.

But, she stills tries her hardest to release Meggie, her sister, and if she can uncover the murderer then Meggie will be freed to rest. Alice embarks on a mission to find out the author of a website which informs her of the latest news of Meggies’ conspiracy, and winds up in Barcelona on a holiday… which turns out to become a nightmare. And, as she closes in on the killer, the killer is closing in on her…

Will Alice ever find out the killer? Read this great book to discover if she does!

I really adored this book- Kate Harrison is a brilliant author! The suspense is amazing, and it keeps you guessing at the ending and you feel like you are really in the book. I love how it is written, with every 50 pages or so there is a paragraph written from the killers perspective… this really gets you thinking, and makes you feel like you know who the killer is! I ended up myself thinking every night who could be the murderer, guessing reasons as to why each character might have commited the fatal crime. It’s a bit like Cluedo… with alot more suspense!

I really enjoyed this… and I can’t wait the read the grand finale of the trilogy!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

By Jeff Kinney

Published by Puffin Books

Jump into the amazing world of Greg Heffley the wimpy kid in his seventh diary!

Greg is in big trouble. He accidently damaged school property, and now he feels like the police are closing in on him… where can he go? But soon, a huge Blizzard hits his town! Snowed in with his family, he is relieved that he is saved from the police for another few days… but the electricity has run out! so has the food… how can Greg and his family survive?

I love these books! this one was especially funny. In thought it would be too similar to the others, and get a little repetitive, but it wasn’t at all! I love reading about Gregs’ hilarious antics, and the outcome of this book will leave you laughing…and I cant wait for the next installment!

Review By Georgia.

A Million Angels

By Kate Maryon

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

“We talk about everything, Dad and me. About all the mysteries inside of us. About all our wonderings of the world. But tomorrow my dad goes to war. Then what will I do?”

Jemima loves her dad more than anything or anyone in the world. But when he gets called to go and fight in Afghanistan, she is devastated! How can she cope when her mum is about to have her baby, and her gran won’t help much because her head is full with wartime memories. Jemimas’ supposed friend keeps moaning and saying how she thinks that their dads are going to die… Jemima just can’t take it anymore! So, she devises a plan to send a million angels to him… then takes big risks in making sure her dad can come back. Will it work? Will her dad come back home safe and sound? Read this awesome book to find out!

I really loved this book- it’s cute, funny, and has real life events woven into it which really makes this book come to life. Kate Maryon, the author, does a great job of writing… I simply couldn’t put this book down! Written for children around nine, I’m sure teens will enjoy this book too… I really recommend it! Keep writing Kate!

(Check out her other books too- Shine and Glitter!)

Review By Georgia.

THE ADJUSTERS By Andrew Taylor

Published by: Usborne

They make you PERFECT. But first they make you SCREAM…

This book will be published in June, and I bet you this is going to be big!

Step into the perfect little town of Newton, hardly known, never seen by most people. When Henry Ward and his Mum move into this town, Henry immediately suspects something is going on around these parts. Every single kid acts weird- they are perfect, with top grades and amazing strength and sports abilities. How come Henry is one of the only people acting like a normal kid around here? He has to find out.

His Mum begins successful work at the MALCORP complex, a place on the verge of scientific breakthroughs. But what is the head of MALCORP, Mr. Mallory, planning to do to Henry? A special operation can turn a child into a genius, and after Henrys’ interfering, he has just got to the top of the waiting list…

This book is amazing! Constant suspense throughout, and I just couldn’t stop reading. Its addictive, and I had to read some parts again because they were so good. It’s the kind of book that keeps you up at night thinking, what will happen next?

I would certainly recommend this for about 11-up, and not for the faint-hearted, there are some really gory parts to this book!

And you can check out the website HERE!

Review by Georgia

The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites By Heather Brewer

Published by Dutton books

This book may be only 180 pages or so, but it is amazing!

Step into the world of teenager Vlad,a half vampire boy. His dad was a vampire, his mum a human, and they both perished in an unexplainable fire three years ago. Vlad now lives with his mum’s old friend Nelly, andtries to live a normal life with the help of his best mate Henry.

Soon, disaster strikes as a substitute teacher takes over the place of Vlad’s usual teacher who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The sub. seems to be catching on to Vlad’s secret, fast….can Vlad keep his identity hidden from the strange Mr. Otis? Simultaneously, Vlad uncovers secret of his parents, and vampires… can he solve this mystery too?

All in all, this book is a great teen read and I really enjoyed it. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and leaves you awake at night wanting to read more! I really loved it, and can’t wait to read about Vlad’s next adventures- out now…


The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Published by Puffin. 

This thrilling book will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting to read more; it’s brilliant!

Everybody has either read ‘I Am Number Four’, or seen the major motion picture version, but that is nothing compared to the next book in its series. Read how Number Four, Six and Sam venture outside of Ohio to flee from the police and to find the unknown number who they have heard about.

Meanwhile, Number Seven is stuck in a nunnery in Spain. Her Cėpan has lost all faith in the other alien species that they belong to and has become strictly religious, and refuses to teach any legacies to Seven! Marina, (Seven), must get her Cėpan to help her, before it is too late and the Mogadorians get to them…

What an amazing book! It had me hooked from start to finish and there is suspense from page one right up to the end. It’s a really good read, and watch out for the next ones in the series out very soon!

INSIGNIA – by S.J.Kincaid

Published by Hot Key Books in August 2012.

Amazing- this book is the best book I have read in a while! It may not be dystopian or End-Of-The-World themed like many books teens like, but still, it is brilliant.

It is world war three, but battles are no longer fought on earth- lives are no longer at risk when the fights are done on different planets of the solar system! Teenage children are made to control the ships from earth, with the help of a small computer in their heads. When Tom accepts to become a plebe, (a trainee for the fighting), he begins on an awesome thrill ride, with new friends, and a new life, much different from his old one of switching from casino to casino with his drunken dad. He has loads of adventures in his new home of the Pentagonal Spire, from using simulators to train to using viruses to fight classroom battles- I wish this could be real! However, enemies are on their way; starting with a bully of a teacher (Blackburn), then soon Tom finds himself fighting for his life at the hands of somebody who is re-programming him, turning him into another person. Can Tom escape? Can his friends help? When secrets are kept at the Pentagonal Spire, Blackburn will do anything to get to them…

Wow! This book is so great; I ended up in bed most nights awake and reading this- or just wondering what on earth will happen next. It is a fast paced thrill ride that will make you laugh and cry, a perfect book for 11-15 year olds. Personally, I really think this is set to be better than Harry Potter, especially with more instalments on the way. S.J Kincaid is definitely the next J.K Rowling and I can’t wait to read more from this awesome author!!!

Review By Georgia

A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison

Published by Harper Collins Childrens.

A Midsummer Tights Dream is the awesome second book in the new Tallulah Casey series by Louise Rennison! Louise has taken a break from writing about the hilarious Georgia Nicholson, and gone onto her cousin, Tallulah; who is even funnier and cuter! The first book in this series in “Withering Tights” which you can read the review of in this blog.

Anyway, in this sequel, Tallulah is back and better, ready for another term and the Dother Performing arts school! She can’t wait to get back to slipping on those golden slippers of success and seeing her mates again.  But Honey has an amazing star studded secret to reveal…

As well as school, Tallulah is riding on a rollercoaster in her life at her term-time home, owned by a serial hugging brownie leader. To make things worse, there are two twin boys, max and sam, who just adore getting in Tallulahs way. But Tallulah is forced to push her worries of this aside to make way for her new feelings for Alex, but will she ever see him whilst he is at College, far, far away?

Read this brilliant new book to find out!!! Its brilliantly funny, and makes you need to cry with laughter!

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

Published by Orion.

This is a new book from a new author, but you could never tell that! Annabel Pitcher writes like an expert and this book is definitely going to be up for some awards soon!
10 year old Jamie has never cried in five years. Not since his sister, Rose, was blown up by a Muslim terrorist gang. Everything is falling apart now- Mum left and fell in love with another man, Dads too drunk to care for Jamie and Roses twin sister Jasmine, and moving house has only made things worse. Jamie gets bullied every day, not just by his dad by the awful school-kids, and only to make matters worse his best friend is Sunya, who Jamie likes but if his dad ever finds out Jamie’s in for a lot of trouble! Jamie is so upset and hates his life and his family, but he knows that everything can be repaired with the help of his sister and a show…can they pull it off to bring their family back together?
This story is for 11+, the perfect teen read. It isn’t your usual kind of weepy sad story, but packed with lots of funny and uplifting parts too! This book really does make you laugh and cry at bits, maybe at the same time, whatever your age. This book oh so easily switches from a really sad scene to a happy ending- I love it and its definitely one of my top favourite books!