BY Kate Harrison, Published By Indigo (orion)

It’s getting hotter

 on the beach…

The first book in this compelling trilogy, Soul Beach, was all about Alice Forster, and her murdered sister. She is able to communicate with her dead sibling through a secret website called, and Alice is sent on an adventure to determine the killer of her sister.

In this awesome sequel, Alice keeps in touch with her dead sister on the virtual paradise of soul beach, and Alice is somewhat of a hero there- finding out death conspiracys of other dead teenagers who she becomes friends with.

But, she stills tries her hardest to release Meggie, her sister, and if she can uncover the murderer then Meggie will be freed to rest. Alice embarks on a mission to find out the author of a website which informs her of the latest news of Meggies’ conspiracy, and winds up in Barcelona on a holiday… which turns out to become a nightmare. And, as she closes in on the killer, the killer is closing in on her…

Will Alice ever find out the killer? Read this great book to discover if she does!

I really adored this book- Kate Harrison is a brilliant author! The suspense is amazing, and it keeps you guessing at the ending and you feel like you are really in the book. I love how it is written, with every 50 pages or so there is a paragraph written from the killers perspective… this really gets you thinking, and makes you feel like you know who the killer is! I ended up myself thinking every night who could be the murderer, guessing reasons as to why each character might have commited the fatal crime. It’s a bit like Cluedo… with alot more suspense!

I really enjoyed this… and I can’t wait the read the grand finale of the trilogy!


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