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By Jeyn Roberts, published by Macmillan Childrens’ Books

Moments after several huge earthquakes shake every continent on Earth, something strange starts happening. An inner rage has been released and some people cannot fight it. For those who can, life becomes a battle to survive…

This awesome, thrill ride of a book follows four teenagers through an apocalyptic world. They all experienced terrible times at the start of the disaster. Clementine was the only escapee of a town hall meeting gone massacre. Masons’ mother is involved in a car accident and whilst Mason is in hospital with her whilst she take her last breath, his school and friends in it are burnt to the ground.Aries is one of the few survivors of a bus crash which happened because of an earthquake… and her best friend is one of the killed people on the bus. Michael watches a hideous road rage become so extreme with two deaths and a fight.These four teens had never met… but as the struggle for survival in a torn, dystopian world, they meet under the most uncommon circumstances!

This was the first book review of the month for my ‘halloween-ey’ reads challenge for October! And it was a great choice too. This book was jam-packed with the best ingredients for the perfect dystopian book… Horror, raw and gritty violence, Heartbreak, loss and sorrow, hope and fighting. I loved it! Each page turned itself, it was so full of suspense and scares. who would’ve thought that a YA Authors first book could be so gripping, and so awesome?

I would definitely recommend this to any teenager (above about 12, it’s quite scary at a lot of points!) and adult. It’s a great spooky read!

A World Between Us

Meet the intrepid Felicity, or Felix, and follow her as she goes through the Spanish Civil War and faces the struggle of being a nurse, and falling in love!

Felix, (Felicity), meets Nat when he bashes his head. After tending to him, they get to know each other… then torn apart by the Spanish civil War! Nat joins in with the fighting, then Felix becomes a Nurse in the hope of seeing him again. Devastation, shock and adventure follows! two of the characters George, who is in love with Felix, and a certain double crosser (I wont say names! I’ll ruin the story!) turn things upside down… but can Felix and Nat stick together through all of this, and the War that is slowly tearing them apart? Read this amazing novel to find out!

I’m usually reading Dystopian and horror, crime novels etc… I will admit I haven’t read that many historical books. But this really was amazing! It has a great, brave heroine who by far is my favorite character, I really loved her! Nat and George are great characters too, all very unique and stand out from other book characters from other book characters. The story was absolutely brilliant too, with lots of drama because of the love triangle and the World Famous War! It ticks all of the boxes for my idea of a great book; Love, Heartbreak, adventure, drama… The perfect book to curl up with!

Keep an eye on Lydia Syson, I think more great books like this one are going to come from her!

Maggot Moon

By Sally Gardner, Published by Hot Key Books

What if the football hadn’t gone over the wall? What if Hector hadn’t gone looking for it? What if he hadn’t kept the dark secret to himself? What if…?

Then i suppose i would be telling myself another story. You see, the ‘What if’s’ are as boundless as the stars…

Standish Treadwell is a dyslexic boy living in the year of the famous moon landing. He forms a special bond with his next door neighbor Hector… but one day Hector and his family are taken away by the soldiers of the Motherland. What has happened to them? Where have they been taken, and what does it have to do with Hectors’ dad? Standish and his beloved Grandfather strive to get to the bottom of the mystery and get Hector and his family back… and on the way they discover the truth of a terrible, dark lie by the motherland…

This book is amazing! Another Masterpiece by Sally Gardner, award winning author. I love how she has written it in the view of a boy with dyslexia, because it is really close to the authors heart seeing as she is dyslexic herself. I found it intriguing, believable, and enjoyable. It leaves you wanting to know what happens after the ending… but It’s quite violent at parts though, so not for younger readers!

*ALSO: Be sure to check out the MAGGOT MOON app, for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad! It’s an all new way of telling the brilliant story, with animated parts, and special bits that can be activated by the touch screen. Also, following the fact that Standish Treadwell is Dyslexic, there are buttons and icons which makes the words swim around the page just as a dyslexic person would see it. I would recommend checking this out as well as the normal book!

Wings&Co: Operation Bunny

By Sally Gardner, Illustrated by David Roberts and Published by Orion Children’s Books.











Emily Vole is the adopted yet unwanted child of the rich Dashwood couple. She sleeps on an ironing board and slaves away being the nanny for her step-triplets. But, when she inherits a mysterious shop from the old lady next door, she ends up running away with the talking cat Fidget to find the magical shop.

Suddenly, an evil person is turning innocent people into Bunnies! With the help of grumpy fairy Buster, Fidget, Emily and the fairy open up Wings&Co detective agency, but can they solve Operation Bunny before it’s too late?

This is the first in an epic new children’s adventure by award winning writer Sally Gardner, and I love it! It’s cute and funny, and bizarrely believeable . I found myself loving every character, even the baddies! The illustrations really add to the effect of the story. Each page bursts with adventure, following the intrepid Emily Vole as she becomes an awesome detective.

A great first book for a new series! Sally Gardner is a brilliant author and this is yet another of her imaginative works. I would definitely recommend this to young girls and boys. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

The Truth About Celia Frost

By Paula Rawsthorne, published by Usborne

A gripping manhunt, a dangerous deceit, what is the truth about Celia Frost?

Everybody thinks Celia Frost is a freak. She can’t do anything, because she has a rare medical condition which means the slightest cut could make her bleed to death. She is an outcast; alone in school and when she isn’t in school she’s at home, where her mother says she has no worries about her getting harmed. But, when Celia is the victim of a knife attack, she doesn’t bleed to death. The bleeding just stops and the cut begins to heal. Was it a lucky chance? Celia doesn’t know. But as soon as her mother finds out they’re both on the run, and Celia has no idea why! With the help of  a new friend, Celia gains freedom and begins to enjoy her new life, never at home often because she thinks her mother is a freak, and only said about the medical condition because she’s crazy.

But soon, Celia realizes why they were running away, and the reason changes her whole life… forever.

Un-put-down-able. That’s how i describe this book. It’s a fast paced thriller, and the Author has such talent. I was amazed by it, the ending is brilliant… how it all turns out to relate to a world crisis… ingenious! It contains lots of twists and turns, friendship and shocks and I love how Paula Rawsthorne made this book so believable, so real. It’s an awesome book i would recommend to any teen, i love it!


By Jana Oliver, published by  Macmillan

Join Riley, Beck, and all of the other well known, well loved characters of Jana Olivers’ hit teen series for the final book!

Denver Beck finally admits that yes, he is in love with Riley Blackthorne, and Riley admits she is in love with him. As they come closer together, this amazing last book throws everything it has at the two lovers, a test of strength and love.

Firstly, Becks horrifying past closes in on him. While he and Riley are in Becks’ old town because his mother is slowly dying, a mystery of Becks’ past opens up to Riley, and results in attempted brutal murder. Surprisingly, there weren’t many demons in this part of the book!

Next, Ori begins to summon Riley every night so she can help him do his evil deeds. But soon, it all becomes clear. Ori had not actually been using her as his second, he had been preparing her for the final showdown, which includes heartbreak, loss, and Demons. lots of demons. and a Fallen Angel determined to rule hell whatever comes in his way…

I seriously enjoyed the last three book in the series. They’re everything teens books should be, romance, mystery, magic and demonic beings. This last book? My favorite of the series. It’s really unpredictable and I literally couldn’t put it down, each chapter ending on a cliffhanger leaving you needing to read the next chapter. I love how all the characters have grown throughout the series, and become the amazing characters who make this book so awesome. This book had me hooked, I couldn’t stop reading! It has the most epic ending, not how I expected; it was better than I expected. I found myself reaching the last page and wanting to read on about what happens in the future for the Demon Trappers guild!

All in all, this book shouldn’t be missed. Keep writing, Jana Oliver!

Call Down Thunder

By Daniel Finn, Published by Macmillan

‘When a storm is coming, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You don’t go looking for the lightning, not if you want to make it out alive…’

Meet Reve- only a boy but an orphan too, who makes a living in his seaside village of Riconda. His dad was murdered, his mother ran off with a policeman to the city. Reve’s sister, Mi, is odd. She has her mothers’ hair; flame-red, and can predict the future.

When Reve sees a vision of a woman with flaming red hair in the sea, he tells Mi. And Mi reckons the woman is their long lost mother! Leaving the sudden dangers and everything they ever knew in Riconda, they embark on a mission to uncover their mum. But, as quoted on the front of the book, at the eye of the storm you discover the truth… and there is more to the story than Reve and Mi think!


I didn’t exactly get the book at first- with so many characters whom I wasn’t introduced to as well as I would have wanted, but I definitely worked it out after a while! I really loved Mi, and her special talent, I thought that was really great and unique.

The story really didn’t unravel in the way I expected- it was much better than I thought! I love how I thought the story was going to end happily ever after once they come back from the city, but there is such an awesome twist that I really loved- but can’t say a word about as that shall ruin the book.

Overall, Daniel Finn is an author to keep an eye on- I think there will be many more brilliant books to come from him! He has created such a unique, crazy world that’s full of raw emotion and thrills, amazing friendships and hope. 

A Midsummer Tights Dream

Celebrating the paperback release of the fabulous second installment of Louise Rennisons’ ‘Tallulah Casey’ series- here is the review of it once more!


A Midsummer Tights Dream is the awesome second book in the new Tallulah Casey series by Louise Rennison! Louise has taken a break from writing about the hilarious Georgia Nicholson, and gone onto her cousin, Tallulah; who is even funnier and cuter! The first book in this series in “Withering Tights” which you can read the review of in this blog.

Anyway, in this sequel, Tallulah is back and better, ready for another term and the Dother Performing arts school! She can’t wait to get back to slipping on those golden slippers of success and seeing her mates again.  But Honey has an amazing star studded secret to reveal…

As well as school, Tallulah is riding on a rollercoaster in her life at her term-time home, owned by a serial hugging brownie leader. To make things worse, there are two twin boys, max and sam, who just adore getting in Tallulahs way. But Tallulah is forced to push her worries of this aside to make way for her new feelings for Alex, but will she ever see him whilst he is at College, far, far away?

Read this brilliant new book to find out-It’s brilliantly funny, and makes you need to cry with laughter! I love Louise Rennison- she never fails to make me laugh!

Between The Lines

(By Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van leer, published by Hodder books.)

Wouldn’t you love to get lost in a good book?-I know I would, especially this one!


Delilah knows it’s weird, but she can’t stop reading her favourite fairy tale. Other girls her age are dating and cheerleading. But then, other girls are popular…

Teenager Delilah McPhee is addicted to a fairy-tale book that she simply cannot stop borrowing from the school library. It’s not because of the story, though. It is because of the main character; Prince Oliver. She can relate to him in so many ways… mostly because of their dads; they are both no longer in their lives.

When Prince Oliver calls out from her favourite page, Delilah gets the shock of her life! Together, but separated by the barrier of the paper, Delilah and Oliver strive to find a way to be together, on Earth or in the book…

At first, when I got the book, I didn’t really think it would be my thing. But that totally changed within the first page-I loved this book! It is breath-taking, and I loved the art accompanying it. On the pages where Delilah is speaking, the artwork is made of amazing silhouette-style pictures, and where there are snippets of the fairy tale beautiful sketches are included. I could really imagine all of the scenes and see the characters clearly in my mind!

What makes it awesome, though, are the authors. Jodi Picoult is a best-selling adult writer, and Samantha is her daughter. Sam started writing this book with Jodi when 14, and even now she is only 16! I think that having such a young author is a really good way to tell the story because people like Samantha know exactly what they want to write, and what kids like.

All in all, an excellent book!