Rating System

The new rating system! In the same style as my old one from my previous blog theme, bibliomaniacheart

I did not like this book at all, wouldn’t recommend it particularly. (I don’t even think I’ve used this yet! Phew.)


It wasn’t good/ wasn’t my thing, but had some okay aspects that kept me reading.


I liked this book. I enjoyed it, and would recommend.


I loved this book! It was really enjoyable and highly recommended to people.


 This book was seriously amazing. Recommended to anybody, and I’ll probably read it over again and again and rant about it from the rooftops because it was so extremely amazing and blahblahblahBUYITNOW:D.


This icon is half of a mark, which will appear on the end of a rating, if I can’t give the book in question a clear one to five score!


3 thoughts on “Rating System

    1. keithbwalters

      Thank you! 🙂 I designed them using Picmonkey (again :D). It’s the same amount of points and things as your (I just realised- sorry!!) but I’ve based the descriptions on the Goodreads ratings ones.

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