Doom Rider

(By David Gatward, Published by Hodder)

He has the power to destroy THE WORLD…

Seth Crow lives in a world full of religion and apocalyptic beliefs- and he hates it. While he is at Glastonbury festival putting on his show ‘apocalypse boy’ for money, a huge explosion causes everything and everyone to cease to exist. He meets Lily, a courageous girl who tells him that he has lived a thousand lives. Also, the stop the end of the world, he has been killed in every life before the age of 13! But this time, Lily, who has lived in the shadows of Seth in each life, has decided to save him, to see what happens.

The world starts crumbling apart; rioting, fires, storms of locusts. The end of the world is nigh! And, as Seth travels to find the others to help him, he discovers that he can destroy the world, but also save it…

This book is awesome! David Gatward, the author, has a really vivid imagination that will keep you turning the pages. Each page is action packed and it’s one of those thrill-a-minute books; that you simply just can’t put down! I especially love the characters not only of Seth, who is so realistic, but also of Lily and Kelly. They’re awesome, and I wish I was one of them, it would be so cool!

Overall, I found this book truly amazing. It is based on the tales the author had heard growing up from his father, a Methodist minister. It’s so gripping, and feels real, it’s excellent! It can be quite sad at parts though, so I would leave this book to over 10’s. I would definitely recommend it- it is an amazing thrill ride that includes devastation, love, drama, and of course, Seth the amazing Doom Rider!


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