My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

Published by Orion.

This is a new book from a new author, but you could never tell that! Annabel Pitcher writes like an expert and this book is definitely going to be up for some awards soon!
10 year old Jamie has never cried in five years. Not since his sister, Rose, was blown up by a Muslim terrorist gang. Everything is falling apart now- Mum left and fell in love with another man, Dads too drunk to care for Jamie and Roses twin sister Jasmine, and moving house has only made things worse. Jamie gets bullied every day, not just by his dad by the awful school-kids, and only to make matters worse his best friend is Sunya, who Jamie likes but if his dad ever finds out Jamie’s in for a lot of trouble! Jamie is so upset and hates his life and his family, but he knows that everything can be repaired with the help of his sister and a show…can they pull it off to bring their family back together?
This story is for 11+, the perfect teen read. It isn’t your usual kind of weepy sad story, but packed with lots of funny and uplifting parts too! This book really does make you laugh and cry at bits, maybe at the same time, whatever your age. This book oh so easily switches from a really sad scene to a happy ending- I love it and its definitely one of my top favourite books!



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