A Million Angels

By Kate Maryon

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

“We talk about everything, Dad and me. About all the mysteries inside of us. About all our wonderings of the world. But tomorrow my dad goes to war. Then what will I do?”

Jemima loves her dad more than anything or anyone in the world. But when he gets called to go and fight in Afghanistan, she is devastated! How can she cope when her mum is about to have her baby, and her gran won’t help much because her head is full with wartime memories. Jemimas’ supposed friend keeps moaning and saying how she thinks that their dads are going to die… Jemima just can’t take it anymore! So, she devises a plan to send a million angels to him… then takes big risks in making sure her dad can come back. Will it work? Will her dad come back home safe and sound? Read this awesome book to find out!

I really loved this book- it’s cute, funny, and has real life events woven into it which really makes this book come to life. Kate Maryon, the author, does a great job of writing… I simply couldn’t put this book down! Written for children around nine, I’m sure teens will enjoy this book too… I really recommend it! Keep writing Kate!

(Check out her other books too- Shine and Glitter!)

Review By Georgia.


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