THE ADJUSTERS By Andrew Taylor

Published by: Usborne

They make you PERFECT. But first they make you SCREAM…

This book will be published in June, and I bet you this is going to be big!

Step into the perfect little town of Newton, hardly known, never seen by most people. When Henry Ward and his Mum move into this town, Henry immediately suspects something is going on around these parts. Every single kid acts weird- they are perfect, with top grades and amazing strength and sports abilities. How come Henry is one of the only people acting like a normal kid around here? He has to find out.

His Mum begins successful work at the MALCORP complex, a place on the verge of scientific breakthroughs. But what is the head of MALCORP, Mr. Mallory, planning to do to Henry? A special operation can turn a child into a genius, and after Henrys’ interfering, he has just got to the top of the waiting list…

This book is amazing! Constant suspense throughout, and I just couldn’t stop reading. Its addictive, and I had to read some parts again because they were so good. It’s the kind of book that keeps you up at night thinking, what will happen next?

I would certainly recommend this for about 11-up, and not for the faint-hearted, there are some really gory parts to this book!

And you can check out the website HERE!

Review by Georgia


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