A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison

Published by Harper Collins Childrens.

A Midsummer Tights Dream is the awesome second book in the new Tallulah Casey series by Louise Rennison! Louise has taken a break from writing about the hilarious Georgia Nicholson, and gone onto her cousin, Tallulah; who is even funnier and cuter! The first book in this series in “Withering Tights” which you can read the review of in this blog.

Anyway, in this sequel, Tallulah is back and better, ready for another term and the Dother Performing arts school! She can’t wait to get back to slipping on those golden slippers of success and seeing her mates again.  But Honey has an amazing star studded secret to reveal…

As well as school, Tallulah is riding on a rollercoaster in her life at her term-time home, owned by a serial hugging brownie leader. To make things worse, there are two twin boys, max and sam, who just adore getting in Tallulahs way. But Tallulah is forced to push her worries of this aside to make way for her new feelings for Alex, but will she ever see him whilst he is at College, far, far away?

Read this brilliant new book to find out!!! Its brilliantly funny, and makes you need to cry with laughter!


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