Wings&Co: Operation Bunny

By Sally Gardner, Illustrated by David Roberts and Published by Orion Children’s Books.











Emily Vole is the adopted yet unwanted child of the rich Dashwood couple. She sleeps on an ironing board and slaves away being the nanny for her step-triplets. But, when she inherits a mysterious shop from the old lady next door, she ends up running away with the talking cat Fidget to find the magical shop.

Suddenly, an evil person is turning innocent people into Bunnies! With the help of grumpy fairy Buster, Fidget, Emily and the fairy open up Wings&Co detective agency, but can they solve Operation Bunny before it’s too late?

This is the first in an epic new children’s adventure by award winning writer Sally Gardner, and I love it! It’s cute and funny, and bizarrely believeable . I found myself loving every character, even the baddies! The illustrations really add to the effect of the story. Each page bursts with adventure, following the intrepid Emily Vole as she becomes an awesome detective.

A great first book for a new series! Sally Gardner is a brilliant author and this is yet another of her imaginative works. I would definitely recommend this to young girls and boys. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!


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