Maggot Moon

By Sally Gardner, Published by Hot Key Books

What if the football hadn’t gone over the wall? What if Hector hadn’t gone looking for it? What if he hadn’t kept the dark secret to himself? What if…?

Then i suppose i would be telling myself another story. You see, the ‘What if’s’ are as boundless as the stars…

Standish Treadwell is a dyslexic boy living in the year of the famous moon landing. He forms a special bond with his next door neighbor Hector… but one day Hector and his family are taken away by the soldiers of the Motherland. What has happened to them? Where have they been taken, and what does it have to do with Hectors’ dad? Standish and his beloved Grandfather strive to get to the bottom of the mystery and get Hector and his family back… and on the way they discover the truth of a terrible, dark lie by the motherland…

This book is amazing! Another Masterpiece by Sally Gardner, award winning author. I love how she has written it in the view of a boy with dyslexia, because it is really close to the authors heart seeing as she is dyslexic herself. I found it intriguing, believable, and enjoyable. It leaves you wanting to know what happens after the ending… but It’s quite violent at parts though, so not for younger readers!

*ALSO: Be sure to check out the MAGGOT MOON app, for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad! It’s an all new way of telling the brilliant story, with animated parts, and special bits that can be activated by the touch screen. Also, following the fact that Standish Treadwell is Dyslexic, there are buttons and icons which makes the words swim around the page just as a dyslexic person would see it. I would recommend checking this out as well as the normal book!


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