Call Down Thunder

By Daniel Finn, Published by Macmillan

‘When a storm is coming, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You don’t go looking for the lightning, not if you want to make it out alive…’

Meet Reve- only a boy but an orphan too, who makes a living in his seaside village of Riconda. His dad was murdered, his mother ran off with a policeman to the city. Reve’s sister, Mi, is odd. She has her mothers’ hair; flame-red, and can predict the future.

When Reve sees a vision of a woman with flaming red hair in the sea, he tells Mi. And Mi reckons the woman is their long lost mother! Leaving the sudden dangers and everything they ever knew in Riconda, they embark on a mission to uncover their mum. But, as quoted on the front of the book, at the eye of the storm you discover the truth… and there is more to the story than Reve and Mi think!


I didn’t exactly get the book at first- with so many characters whom I wasn’t introduced to as well as I would have wanted, but I definitely worked it out after a while! I really loved Mi, and her special talent, I thought that was really great and unique.

The story really didn’t unravel in the way I expected- it was much better than I thought! I love how I thought the story was going to end happily ever after once they come back from the city, but there is such an awesome twist that I really loved- but can’t say a word about as that shall ruin the book.

Overall, Daniel Finn is an author to keep an eye on- I think there will be many more brilliant books to come from him! He has created such a unique, crazy world that’s full of raw emotion and thrills, amazing friendships and hope. 


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