A World Between Us

Meet the intrepid Felicity, or Felix, and follow her as she goes through the Spanish Civil War and faces the struggle of being a nurse, and falling in love!

Felix, (Felicity), meets Nat when he bashes his head. After tending to him, they get to know each other… then torn apart by the Spanish civil War! Nat joins in with the fighting, then Felix becomes a Nurse in the hope of seeing him again. Devastation, shock and adventure follows! two of the characters George, who is in love with Felix, and a certain double crosser (I wont say names! I’ll ruin the story!) turn things upside down… but can Felix and Nat stick together through all of this, and the War that is slowly tearing them apart? Read this amazing novel to find out!

I’m usually reading Dystopian and horror, crime novels etc… I will admit I haven’t read that many historical books. But this really was amazing! It has a great, brave heroine who by far is my favorite character, I really loved her! Nat and George are great characters too, all very unique and stand out from other book characters from other book characters. The story was absolutely brilliant too, with lots of drama because of the love triangle and the World Famous War! It ticks all of the boxes for my idea of a great book; Love, Heartbreak, adventure, drama… The perfect book to curl up with!

Keep an eye on Lydia Syson, I think more great books like this one are going to come from her!


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