By Jill Hathaway, published by Harper Collins.


“I see through the eyes of a killer…”

Vee Bell hates being labelled as the ‘Narcoleptic freak’. Everyone thinks she just collapses because of her diagnosed Narcolepsy, but Vee knows differently. She collapses because she slides- every time she touches an object that somebody has had and felt a strong emotion with, she slips into them, and witnesses what they’re currently doing not matter how far away. One night, she slides into an unknown body, and witnesses that body commit the murder of her cheerleader-little-sister’s best friend: Sophie. Determined to track down the killer of such a lovely little girl, Vee begins an terrifying investigation.

Then another cheerleader is murdered. The stakes are getting higher now, and Vee has little time to solve the murders, because her little sister Mattie is next…

After seeing the sequel to this and reading the synopsis for it, I just had to start Slide! I devoured the whole thing in about a day- It was quite short at 250 pages, but had one heck of a plot. I’ve never read anything quite like it before. The psychological roots of this story made it pretty eerie, but also extremely interesting. The first murder was absolutely terrifying and on the minor character which was the last person I thought would be the first to die. The murder conspiracies were totally riveting and unpredictable, and I loved the genius way that the author connected Vee’s father to the murderer.

Vee was a really unique protagonist. I could tell she was the outcast right from the start- and not just because of her Narcolepsy condition, but because the bullying inflicted on her in the past. It made her a really three-dimensional and realistic character. Also, she was brave and strong and never gave up, despite the terrors and the unidentified murderer she was facing. I really liked her and can’t wait to read more about her in the sequel! I also enjoyed reading about the characters of Zane and Rollins. Rollins was her best friend who began to get distant with her throughout the events of Slide, but I was so happy their friendship became whole again at the end of the book, and that he didn’t leave her alone. Zane was a very complex love interest. As he had ties to the murderer and I don’t want to spoil the story, I won’t go into depth here- but I’ll just say he was very unpredictable. The author went in-depth with his character, making him just as three dimensional as the protagonist, but not arousing suspicion with his character. That made the resolution to the murder so unexpected!

In all, Slide was amazing. IT was a very complex but riveting and fast-paced crime story, with a lot packed into it. Despite supernatural, psychological themes, the book was realistic and had a really important, embedded messages about peer pressure and bullying. I loved it so much! I can’t wait for the sequel, IMPOSTER, published in later in April!


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