City of Glass

By Cassandra Clare, published by Walker.

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3)

Clary is determined to get to the city of glass- Idris- to get the antidote for her mother so she can wake from her coma. However, Jace has other ideas, and doesn’t want her to leave for the island of Shadowhunters. Jace, the Lightwoods and Simon leave for Idris, but Clary catches up. When there, she realises that a war is soon to begin between the Shadowhunters and her evil father, Valentine, over the third mortal instrument- the Mirror, disguised as Lake Lyn of Idris. Can Clary use her unique power to create new Shadowhunter runes in order to win the war, whilst pursuing her love for Jace, despite it being forbidden?


This was absolutely brilliant! I couldn’t wait to start City of Glass after reading City of Ashes, and my expectations were pretty high. Thankfully, this book meet all of them! Casandra Clare’s writing had been amazing in her last two books, but in this one, I loved it even more. The descriptions were beautiful, as was the imaginative setting of Idris. It was really great that the whole book was set in Idris, as it had been mentioned in the books before, and I had been itching to read more about it. The plot was solid and so much different from City of Ashes and City of Bones, and well structured, too, with some great plot twists. I especially was shocked by the re-entrance of Hodge about halfway through. However, he seemed to be forgotten about after the protagonists found him, and that kind of annoyed me because I wanted to see into his character more and find out why he betrayed them in the first in the series. Apart from that tiny little thing, I totally loved the story!

Clary seemed to become a lot more confident in City of Glass. Her rune-creating powers played quite a big part in this and really changed the course of the battle. However, she didn’t actually fight in the war. Although Clary was told not to fight, I still would’ve thought she’d want to get back at Valentine and his evil demon army. However, she really developed right at the end, as her love for Jace saved his life and put an end to Valentine for good. Also, the new character of Sebastian really shook the plot up. I was so not expecting that he was Clary’s brother instead of Jace! That added a real element of action to the story, as he was evil and violent, after being implanted with demon blood by his father (Clary was given angel blood- making her the opposite of him). He was a totally ruthless, and utterly terrifying, new antagonist for the story.

City of Glass, overall, was a seriously enjoyable read. I loved the plot twists, and also love seeing the characters of Jace and Clary grow back together again after being apart in the book before. Although the battle with Valentine is over so I have no idea what’s in store in the fourth book (City of Fallen Angels) I can’t wait to read it!


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