The Day of the Triffids

By John Wyndham, published by Penguin.

The Day of the Triffids

Bill Masen wakes up in a hospital, and finds every inhabitant of the building blinded. Their eyesights were totally destroyed by a freak cosmic event, and Bill missed it because his eyes were plastered over with bandages. Upon emerging into the streets of London, Bill discovers that most people cannot see, and are fumbling aimlessly around the streets, and that he is one of the few lucky people not to have witnessed the blinding metoers. He teams up with the beautiful Josella, and so a journey begins- because evil plants called Triffids have gained the ability to move and kill humans with a poisonous sting. With most of the population blind and unable to see the Triffids sneaking up on them, the whole world has the chance of being wiped out. Can Josella and Bill build a safe sanctuary, and maybe put a stop to the Triffids?

The Day of the Triffids was quite enjoyable for a short book! I think it was really imaginative- you can’t get more imaginative than giant, blinding comets and walking plants in the same novel!- but it still seemed scarily realistic. Right from the start I was totally hooked on this- The Day of the Triffids was absolutely terrifying! The plot was well structured and I enjoyed every second of it- there were lots of twists, and despite the setting being so chaotic, it still made sense.

Bill Masen was a physically strong protagonist, and his adventure in this novel was really fun to read. However, at the end of the book, I still had alot of unanswered questions about him- like why he had been in the hospital where doctors were working on mending his eyesight. Also, I think he could’ve been more three dimensional, personality-wise: I think I definitely liked the character of Josella more than him, because she had such a vivid and well explained background. Also, the antagonists totally terrified me, despite their plant form!

Overall, The Day of the Triffids was an enjoyable read. I loved the plot, and the author has alot of imagination, but I think he could’ve gone into much more depth in the main protagonist’s personality and childhood, etc. I’d recommend it to Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans, though!


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