The Medusa Project: The Set Up

By Sophie McKenzie, published by Simon & Schuster.

The Set-up (Medusa Project, #1)

As soon as Nico discovers he has telekinesis by accidentally creating a ‘freak electrical storm’ during a school assembly, he realises that this could get him money, and the girl of his dreams- the beautiful, sporty Ketty. Nico’s stepfather tells him never to use his power again, but a mysterious guy named Jack informs Nico that he was one of four children to be implanted with a gene- the Medusa gene- and that his power was a result of that. Nico begins an exhilarating adventure full of hope, lies and betrayal, searching for the other three Medusa-gene carriers…

I’ve been meaning to start Sophie McKenzie’s sci-fi series for ages, and after reading the first book, I so want to read on! The whole idea in general was really cool and original. I loved reading it so much. The plot was solid and well constructed, with some great twists thrown in- I was definitely not expecting one of the major characters to betray Nico and sell off the Medusa gene into evil hands! As well as all of the explosive action and drama, I also really enjoyed the love triangle that became visible in the middle of the book- it was pretty unexpected, and the outcome shocked me!

Nico was an enjoyable protagonist. At the beginning, I disliked him because all he seemed to want to use his power for was to get money and his girl. however, I grew to like him as the events in the book played out, as he made some seriously brave and sacrificial decisions in order to save the girl he loved, even though she was dating somebody else. I think the love triangle between Nico, Ketty and Ed really shook the plot up! 

In all, The Medusa Project: The Set Up was a really good, roughly 300 page read. It was so different from Sophie’s crime books that I read, but I still really loved it and although it was really aimed at 11-12 year olds in my opinion, I still enjoyed it a lot and will definitely start on the second one soon, as this ended on a cliffhanger!



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