By Josephine Angelini, published by Macmillan.

Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2)

Their love could last forever… if it doesn’t destroy them first.

After the events of Starcrossed, (Review HERE), Helen has been tasked with venturing into the underworld every night instead of sleeping in order to stop the furies- the terrifying, angry girls who are making the Delos family want to hurt their outcast, Hector. Helen knows that she can never be with Lucas Delos again, and one night as she’s in the underworld, she meets a new scion- Orion. He’s strikingly attractive, and Helen seems drawn to him as they team up to try and get through the hellish underworld together. 

Suddenly, Helen’s small home-town island of Nantucket is thrown into chaos as the more evil side of Greek Mythology appear. What will be harder for Helen, saving everyone she loves, or controlling her heart which is torn between Lucas and Orion?

After reading Starcrossed and being totally blown away by it, I couldn’t wait to read Dreamless to see what happened next. I loved this sequel so much! The plot was epic, complex and I couldn’t stop reading. It was really interesting to see that some of the minor, normal school students from the first book, had developed into playing major roles. It really shocked me how Zach, and old friend of Helen’s, had gotten onto the evil side and was now secretly serving her enemy! That, and many other twists such as the mysterious, adorable character of Orion, was totally genius. The ending was really unexpected, and the last fifty pages or so were downright terrifying. 

Helen was a great protagonist, as she was in Starcrossed. Only I thought she came out of her shell a bit more, and developed into an even stronger, even more determined main character- and it was the same with Lucas. Josephine Angelini has captured their doomed love story perfectly! Orion was a great love interest, and was brilliant. I fell in love with his three-dimensional personality right away, and I think the love triangle formed between Orion, Helen, and Lucas was a really great one. I could really sense the unspoken rivalry between the two boys, and felt a lot of sympathy towards Helen because she was so torn between these two heartthrobs. 

Dreamless was a really enjoyable sequel, packed with lots of action and suspense. I fell in love all over again with the major character, and the new ones too. Highly recommended, and I really can’t wait for the third; out in June *runs around screaming impatiently*!


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