Looking for Alaska

By John Green, published by Harper Collins.

Looking for Alaska

First friend, first girl, last words…

Miles Halter is a misfit boy from Florida, with an obsession with reading biographies and memorizing peoples last words. After reading the last words of a celebrity, (“I go to seek a great perhaps”), he decides to set off on his own adventure, in the next state, in an old boarding school. Alaska young is a beautiful, hot, prank loving girl at Miles’s new boarding school in Alabama. It’s no wonder at all that he falls in love with her on his first day. Along with Chip, nicknamed ‘The Colonel’, and some others including, of course, Alaska, Miles starts a new life at Culver Creek preparatory school. He’s getting along great, partying, pranking and more. Then all of a sudden the  worst thing ever happens, and brings Miles and his ragtag bunch of friends crashing down to Earth. Can Miles work out why the disaster involving Alaska took place?


After reading The Fault in our Stars, I really wanted to read something else by John Green. When I started reading this, his first ever book, I just couldn’t put it down! It was absolutely hilarious at points, especially during their last prank. At other points, it brought tears to my eyes. It’s so amazing how John Green can write books that are so full of humor, yet also so full of tragedy! Looking for Alaska was beautifully written and so captivating. I loved how the chapters were set out. It really built up suspense throughout the ‘Before’ part of the book, as each chapter heading began like ‘eighty-two days before’, and kept me guessing as to what might happen. It was very clever how, in so many of the scenes, there were very tiny-and-easy-to-overlook clues as to why Alaska was killed.

Miles was a great main character, and stayed strong throughout all of the difficulties he faced. Although I didn’t really connect with him as well as I did with any of the characters from John Green’s latest book, I still enjoyed reading his exciting, unpredictable story. I think I  loved the character of Alaska Young more than Miles Halter, though. That was probably because, as she revealed secrets throughout the book, I really came to understand her and why she put on a strong face, despite being the broken girl who turned to alcohol when she reminisced about her horrible childhood which was full of loss. It totally broke my heart when the incident took place about two thirds into the book, and I couldn’t stop reading as I just had to know the full story behind her tragic death.

Overall, Looking for Alaska was a really great read, full of humor and heartache. It had a really imporant moral, embedded in a terrific plot. Not for younger readers, but a really good, gripping read for teenagers and adults alike. t was so realistic, and John Green really captured many teenage problems.  Don’t miss it!


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