By John Grisham, published by Hodder & Stoughton

Half the man, twice the lawyer…

Theodore Boone is a thirteen year old boy, and both of his parents are lawyers. Whenever he’s out of school, he’s hanging around the courtroom. He thinks he is a lawyer himself.

Suddenly, the court of the town is thrown into Chaos as a murder trial begins with a Mr Pete Duffy and the murder of his wife. Pete Duffy is believed to be the cold-blooded killer, but there was no witness to the murder so the story gets complicated… but suddenly, a potential witness turns up! The witness can’t come forward for secret reasons, but young Lawyer Theodore Boone is ready to get to the bottom of the case. But can he solve the murder case before the end of the trial?

This book came out a couple of years ago but unfortunately, I never got to read it. However, upon buying it in a bookshop a couple of weeks ago, I got totally hooked into the story! I really loved the Protagonist; Theodore. He is your classic Sherlock Holmes kind of Detective, in the body of a thirteen year old, which makes the story really fun for the reader because you want to find out how a thirteen year old goes about solving a murder.

The story has it’s sad parts- a focus on Homelessness as a couple of the characters are living in a shelter- and it’s great parts jam packed with suspense. I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on the second book, and the third too!


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