Dark Parties


By Sara Grant, published by Indigo (Orion)


Neva keeps a list of the missing- people like her Grandmother who have vanished. The people that everyone else pretends never existed.

In a world isolated by the protectosphere- a dome which protects, but also imprisons- Neva and her friends dream of freedom.

16 year old Neva and her friends -Sanna, Ethan, Nicoline, and a few others- are all trying to rebel against the government in small ways. They want to be free of the governments rules and the protectosphere- which isolates them from the unknown world beyond- and so they are doing small things to try and get their message across. They make a vow never to have kids, to rebel against their governments need for more citizens, and graffiti the city to try and get their views out. However, after a Dark Party, Neva finds herself falling fast for Sanna’s boyfriend, and drifting away from her boyfriend Ethan. Everything is falling apart and when Neva gets a job for the government, she begins investigating the truth about things for herself. She discovers the terrifying truth about what happens to the missing… can she save everyone?


What an awesome book! My favorite genre probably has to be dystopia, and this one is one of the best dystopian books i have read so far. Sara Grant, the author, has created such a flawless, suspenseful, world and developed amazing characters to go in it. I really loved Neva and her rebellious acts, and the story line is really unpredictable, and sad. It’s a pretty heartbreaking story, what with the death… the kidnapping… and the complicated love triangle Neva is caught up in.

Yet in the middle of this heartbreak and loss, Sara Grant has planted the seeds of love and friendship which grow throughout the book. I would really recommend it to teens and adults!


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