Pretty Twisted

By Gina Blaxhill, published by Macmillan

As the train entered the tunnel, it struck me how bizarre this all was. It could be a chick-flick tag line: ‘girl likes boy but keeps it hidden as she helps boy search for the girl he loves’.

Two different stories. One missing girl. Who would you trust?

Ros met Jono on an online social networking site a while ago. As Ros is starting to fall in love with him, she finds out that Jono’s beautiful musical partner and girlfriend has disappeared without a trace or hint of evidence and as Ros finds out, somebody she knows is linked to the suggested kidnapping. Can she keep a secret from Jono if it could be the resolution to the crime?

This book was a BIG hit last year. And I absolutely can’t believe I never got round to reading it. It was awesome! It’s a gripping crime story with a disturbing truth, and a lot of plot twists. It hooks you into the story, and keeps you turning the pages. The story is packed with suspense and terror, and like Gina’s new novel, Forget Me Never, it keeps you guessing at who committed the crime. I really can’t believe it’s a debut novel, it’s that great. If you haven’t already got your hands on a copy… I suggest you do!



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