Forget Me Never

By Gina Blaxhill, published by Macmillan

 Minutes after Sophie visits her cousin Dani, Dani is dead. The police verdict? Suicide.

Sophie’s cousin Dani has always suffered from depression and mood swings, but she’d been getting better in the weeks leading up to her death. She’d got a new job. Settled down in a flat in Bournemouth. And then as soon as Sophie has left her flat, Dani had ‘jumped’ off of the balcony. The police dismissed it as suicide but Sophie doesn’t believe it for a single bit. Soon she finds a memory stick inside an old pair of jeans belonging to Danielle, which leads to Sophie and her friend Reece dig deeper into the conspiracy behind Dani. But as things become more dangerous and involve an illegal Pharmaceutical plot, can Sophie and Reece both solve it… and find their true feelings for each other?

I received this book and I couldn’t wait to read it! Recently I’ve been reading more teen crime books, like Harlan Coben’s ‘Mickey Bolitar’ series. This book really lived up to my expectations. Gina Blaxhill’s first book (Pretty Twisted- review up soon!) was a pretty big hit, and this, her second book, will be too! It’s brilliant and clever, with a gritty crime story sprinkled with a hint of teenage love and friendship put to the test. The storyline really kept me guessing at what was going to happen next, and I’d think I had it figured out when suddenly there would be a plot twist leading to a kidnapping!  A really brilliant fast paced read, great for teens: girls or boys. I suggest you get a copy, it’s awesome!


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