INSURGENT by Veronica Roth

By Veronica Roth, Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books (01.05.12)

After closing the INSURGENT blog tour, I am now closing the reviews week for #TeamDauntlessUK… Enjoy!

Fighting for survival in a shattered world…

The truth is her only hope.

The follow up to the bestselling Divergent, this sequel is bigger and better!

In Divergent, Beatrice becomes sixteen. Once a child is sixteen in her world, they must decide which of the five factions they must live in. Will they stay with their family and friends? Or will they move to another faction, in hope of a happier life?

When Beatrice changes from Abnegation to Dauntless, many events unfold. She fights for her life, and falls in love.

In INSURGENT, all of Dauntless and Abnegation factions have been scattered across the land following a brutal attack in the first book. Tris, with the help of Four, struggles to get over the loss of her beloved parents, and together, they find more friends and embark on a deadly mission to find out the truth of their world. Will they succeed? The evil Jeanine has a master plan to control all five factions, and she isn’t afraid to kill Tris, who stands in her way…

This book is brilliant! Right from the first page it was action packed, exciting and adrenaline filled. It may be pretty long at over 500 pages, but that didn’t stop me from ploughing through it as fast as I could. Every night I would be up thinking, what will happen next? What will happen to Tris? Will the factions be destroyed, or will everything be patched back together?  It has loads of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat… this is the perfect teen’s book! It’s dark, dystopian, funny, and fast paced, i loved it!


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