As INSURGENT is due from Veronica Roth within hours now, I was over the moon to be invited into the #teamdauntlessUK Faction and to be the one to close the blog tour.

Here are the other previous stops on the tour in case you still have to backtrack and stop by their awesomeness:

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If you want to read my review of Divergent, then click here.

Dauntless: what does it take to be in this faction?

To be in Dauntless, you need to be brave.

When you are in this faction, every day you find yourself jumping from trains and zip-wiring from buildings!

When Tris decides to change to Dauntless, she really wasn’t aware of the adrenaline rushes and the exhilarating rides you get when you are a Dauntless member and you’re travelling.   Also, you need to be prepared, for anything.

Dauntless is the most violent, and free, Faction of all… anything can happen! Take Dauntless HQ for example, an underground cave with no barriers, nothing stopping you from falling to your doom. Plus, you need to make an impression… Everybody dresses the same in Amity, Abnegation, Candor and Erudite, the same kinds of clothes, same colours. So do Dauntless, but what makes them different are the accessories. Piercings, tattoos, and jewellery are must haves!

And finally, you need to be Fearless, there is an adventure round every corner when you are a Dauntless faction member!!!

And here’s some fan art to close off the blog week – Firstly, a silhouette of a DAUNTLESS person, by the barrier in the pit, watching the waves crash against the sharp rocks below. I thought this would be a great picture because it was one of the scenes in DIVERGENT that I really loved; and I could imagine this place really clearly.

Next: One of the most important parts of DIVERGENT: the part I which Beatrice thrusts her hands over the DAUNTLESS bowl instead of the ABNEGATION bowl, the smouldering coal representing her new faction mixing with her own blood…with a quote from the book of her feelings about choosing DAUNTLESS!

And finally, no article is complete without an idea for some Dauntless fashion! Here is my interpretation of a regular girls piece of Dauntless clothing…



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