Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Published by Splinter (New York).


Kelsey thought she would be helping out in a circus for the summer, not breaking a curse in India!
A tiger at a Circus, is actually the ancient prince Dihren, who is cursed as a tiger. When a man turns up to buy Dihren and to take Kelsey with him as a Carer, Kelseys world is thrown upside-down as she finds herself hunting down secrets in all the corners of India. However, Kelsey is somehow drawn to Dihren, He can turn into a man, for only 20 minutes a day, and Kelsey eventually falls in love…But will she manage? Breaking a 4 century old curse, and loving a lost prince of India? Can she keep her love safe, as well as her at the same time?
Find out in this brilliant, compelling novel, out now in hardback. It is part of a great new ‘Tiger Saga’ of which the second and third books are out now too…go and grab a copy now from your nearest bookstore! This book is fab in every way and leaves you stunned, laughing, crying, shocked, all in one page, I couldn’t tear myself away!



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