The Taming Of Lilah May by Vanessa Curtis

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Vanessa Curtis is a quite new, brilliant author, who really connects with her character, Lilah May, and who loves rock music just like Vanessa! Vanessa used to play in ‘very loud’ rock bands!
Lilah is angry. VERY angry! Her brother seems lost to the world now, but from the day he went missing Lilah turned angry. She’s never stopped since. Her anger problems are only getting worse, causing her to nearly become excluded, not to mention that the only person that can understand her is her best mate, Bindi! It’s not going very well, and when your mum works as a clown, and your dad is a lion tamer, things aren’t exactly going to get any better! Can Lilah cope through her problematic life, and also try to forget about her missing brother- Jay???
This book is a fab new book, (published 2011) and is a great (albeit short) read for teens. It’s a really cool book and makes you wonder about people who are really in situations like Lilah Mays’, I love it! Don’t worry if you find that you get to the end and think… I really want to know what happens next! Because a second book is on its way-Lilah Mays Manic Days! Don’t miss it: I wouldn’t miss it for the world!



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