Dork Diaries-Party Time! By Rachel Renée Russell

Published by Simon & Schuster.

Tales from a not so fabulous life!

The second book in the series ‘The Dork Diaries’ This increasingly popular will never fail to make you crack up!
So, Nikki thinks she’s the biggest dork in the school, and things aren’t getting any better thanks to the bully Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a spoiled girl who will risk the Halloween Party just to make fun of Nikki!
Can Nikki cope with one mean girl, one ballet party, her crush Brandon, her middle school dance and be everywhere at once? It seems she can! Read this awesome book to find out how Nikki juggles with her totally random and hilarious life, watch her cringe at her best friends Halloween costumes, her dads dieting and more!
This is a great book set out as a journal, a girly version of ‘diary of a wimpy kid’. I would definitely recommend it to all girls who love to laugh! Also, don’t forget to check out Rachel Russell’s first book too-‘the dork diaries’!!!



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