Alana: Dancing star-LA Moves by Arlene Phillips

Published By Faber Kids

Arlene Phillips is extremely well known for being on the judging panel for So you think you can dance? And strictly come dancing. She’s celebrated for her choreography skills and her brilliant musicals. But now, she’s writing children’s books! They are really great reads, it might have been a bit young for me, but still- I really did love it!
Based on her daughter, Alana, (and her little sister Abi is actually her sister in real life!) this book is one in a cool new series based on dancing. Each book is focused on a different type of Modern dance, the first book being samba dancing. This book is the second in the series, and focuses on Street and hip hop dancing. Alana and her friend Meena are entering a school talent show with a waltz sequence, however, they are told by others that they’re too old fashioned! So Alana goes down to the magic Madame Coco’s costume shop. There, Alana puts on a street dance outfit, and is transported to Hollywood, with her favourite band! Can the moves she has learnt help Alana and Meena to jazz up their routine and win the competition? Read this great book to find out!
Also don’t forget that books 3, 4, 5 and 6 are already out, so read these afterwards too!



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