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Published by Penguin.

Cathy Cassidy is the really great and popular author, who wrote Dizzy, Indigo blue and many more!

Her books are the perfect read for any girl, with an age range from 9 and up. Cathy likes to tour and go on book signings in her campervan, which is a real icon! With her campervan, Cathy travels around the U.K holding Festivals for her books, with extracts read by her, and lots of arts and crafts as well as music! She’s one of my favourite authors along with Jacqueline Wilson, and a few others. Here are some of her books…


“I never sleep, the night before my birthday…it’s the only day of the year I hear from her…”

Every year, on her birthday, dizzy receives a special parcel from her mum in the post. One year its a postcard, the next a dream-catcher, another year it was a ragdoll. Dizzys mum left when she was very small and Dizzy misses her like crazy! But this year theres no package, no postman. But something bigger, better and crazier turns up at the doorstep. This something will definatley put Dizzys world into a spin!

Dizzy is Cathys first book, and the kind of book that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time, and not put it down! I would definitely recommend it!


Indigo Blue

“I need a seriously brilliant daydream…because everything is far from ok…”

Indigo is living with her mum, Max, (Her stepdad), and baby misti. But one day after school mum comes with only Misti and whisks both girls away to a dingy old flat full of mould and creaking floorboards, where they live on biscuits and have to put up with a grumpy old neighbour. But even though Mum tries her best to hide it, she cant hide her reason for running away…

This story is a really heart-warming one, with lots of twists and turns and is all about friendship and hope… The perfect book!


Scarlett spells trouble! It’s not her fault that she always attracts the wrong kind of attention at school, but no-one seems to understand that. And mums had enough.

She is sent off to live with dad and his new family, in Ireland, And Scarlett is NOT happy about it! She cant believe that mum just dumped her like that! Scarlett misses her friends at school, but mum thinks its best that Scarlett stays away from them, especially since she got her tounge pierced…for a dare! But, things are starting to brighten up in that old village in Ireland, all because of the sweet local boy Kian…

This is a must read, for all girls! I was really able to put myself in the shoes of rebel scarlett, and I really saw her world through her eyes. Cathy Cassidy wrote a note in the front of the book, saying that it is a great read for somebody who has ever felt angry, lost or misunderstood. I couldn’t agree more! In this book you can read about somebody who is feeling exactly how you are if you feel any of the above, and it’s great to see how wonderful Cathy is at sorting out situations, even if they are fictitious!


Angel Cake

Anya used to dream of moving to Britain to start a brand new life. But as she sits in a school where nobody understands her, she dreams of Polish summer skies and the place where she once belonged…

A brilliant novel based on a real life girl, who had the privilege to meet Cathy! As based on a real Polish girl who moved to England, the fictitious Anya has moved with her family to the city of Liverpool in Britain. It’s so much different than Anya’s polish town of Krakow, and there’s different people too. As Anya tries to adjust into everyday English life, as well as her school, she sees the bad boy Dan, from her school, wearing angel wings! He’s your everyday cool kid, which every girl has a crush on, and Anya has fallen for him too after seeing the softer side of him out of school. Anya and Dan make friends, but can they keep their friendship when Dan actually turns out to be bad news….but when Anya’s with him it feels like heaven!

Yet another amazing book, By Cathy. Her power with words really makes this story special, and is so my favourite out of all of her books! Its great with lots of twists, and because the main character is based upon somebody who is actually real, it only makes the book even more unique! I love this book so much, and I’ve even got my copy signed…This book is the best!!!


Hannah and joey have been best friends forever-just the two of them…

Then havoc begins after the arrival of Joeys new foster brother, Paul! Read the gripping tale of Hannahs world being turned upside down, whilst Joey falls for Hannah’s brother, which means Joey and Hannah’s friendship is slowly drowning. Paul only becomes another part of the problem too, with the help of a stripy pink bike and kittens… can Hannah save her friend, not hurt her brothers feelings and be friends with Paul, all at the same time?

Read this exciting, edge of your seat book now! Cathy Cassidy is awesome at telling stories, and she’s just got a whole lot better-this is so funny, however, there is a serious part to the story too, which really leaves you not being able to put the book down. I was up all night reading this, just to make sure I knew everything would turn out right for Hannah and Joey!


Sundae Girl

Judes family are crazy, quirky, bizarre…her mum brings her plenty of problems and her dad thinks he’s Elvis!

Jude has one very mixed up life, Dad is an Elvis impersonator, and mum is pretty much nuts, just like her grandparents. All she has ever dreamed of is a perfectly normal life, just like everybody else…

Will it ever happen?  But, things can only get way more complicated when a mysterious blonde haired boy on rollerskates takes a fancy for Jude. He can never know how weird her family is though! Jude must strive to keep her school world, and her family life as distant as possible, but not everything is quite going to plan-just add in a ‘60’s style wedding, dads girlfriend, and an even crazier mum, mums ice-cream maker boyfriend, that cool boy on skates, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Another great book from the brilliant Cathy Cassidy, she never ever fails to make me laugh! Just like in every other book of hers, I feel so much like the main character and I end up feeling their emotions, it seems so real! Keep up the great work, Cathy!


Cherry Crush

Cherry Costello’s life is about to change forever…

Cherry and her dad used to live not so well, with lonlieness lingering around them because of the loss of Cherry’s mum. However, Cherry and her dads life is about to change forever, and for the better! They’re moving to Somerset, where a new mum and a big bunch of brand-new sisters await! Cherry can’t wait to meet her new family, and when she gets there, she finds out that her new mum runs a B&B in a gorgeous countryside.  As well as running the bed and breakfast, the family have started up a unique and new, exciting chocolate business! It’s so fun! Her new sisters are more than welcoming…well, all but one. Honey, one new sister, is not happy that her boyfriend Shay seems to like Cherry. Now, Honey is going to do everything to make sure Cherry doesn’t get near Shay. But its not her fault that she’s obsessed with him…even though it can destroy everything if she’s not careful!

This is the first book in Cathy Cassidys new series; The Chocolate Box Girls! In this new and highly addictive series, each stepsister has an exciting tale to tell. I think it’s great how Cathy has stitched together a new family, a new life for Cherry, and I thought it would only be a one-off book…but it isn’t! I’m so happy to know that the next book in the series is out: Marshmallow Skye, and I’ve already bought my (signed!) copy, ready to read. I just can’t wait to see what this awesome bunch of sisters get up to!!!

Keep reading my blog to see a review of Cathy’s next book, and many more!



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