The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Published by Scholastic


In a dark vision of the near future, Katniss Everdeen lives in fear of what the world is turning into. It’s a hard life, not just because of the food shortages, or the poor state of district 12, but because of the yearly reaping. Every teenagers name is entered, no excuses, and if you are picked out, you have a one way ticket to THE HUNGER GAMES. The hunger games is a horrid, terrifying event the Capitol holds every year, for publicity and to show their power. To win the hunger games, you must be the only child of 24 alive at the end!

Once Katniss’ sister Prim is picked, Katniss volunteers, afraid for her sister’s life! She enters the cruel games along with the other district 12 tribute-Peeta Mellark. Katniss’ friend Gale doesn’t want her to go through with it, nor does everybody else in the whole of the district! But she must, and she will go to every length to get back home…But what about Peeta? After pretending to love him for publicity and sponsorship, she can’t leave him behind; but only one person can win…

This is a fast paced, thrilling adventure by bestselling write Suzanne Collins. She is a brilliant author and is one of my all time favourite authors! This fantastic book is soon to be an awesome movie, (March 23, 2012) and I am sure it will turn out just as great as the book! It is also the first in a trilogy, (already out) the next book is CATCHING FIRE, and the third MOCKINGJAY. They are a must read for all dystopian-fiction lovers of all ages!


Review by Georgia.


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