Emma’s Stormy Summer by Miranda Newboult

Published by Tannbourne.

Emma’s Stormy Summer is a really heart-warming book about a girl and her friends facing hard times throughout the summer holidays.
Emma has a great bond with her three best mates, (Becca, Ruth and Charlie)but suddenly, Becca starts being horrible and bullying people at school!
Only to make things worse, Emma’s Dad loses his job and spends his time sitting doing nothing.  He was given pills that seemed to help but however he skipped taking them and he’s only ignoring Emma and Mum more and more…
Is there anyway Emma can possibly help?
That’s when she realizes her holidays are like a summer storm – Things seem bad at first but then everything will clear!
This is a fun book by author Miranda Newboult, perfect for readers aged 8 and up. It’s her first book and Emma’s Stormy Summer is also a special book because it is the first book to be published by the new publishing group; Tannbourne LTD.

After seeing how great this story was, I’m sure Tannbourne will soon become a really big publishing group!
Thanks to Jazzmine (@jreadsalot), I’ve been kindly introduced to these new publishers… and personally, I think they’re fab!



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