Ember Fury by Cathy Brett

Out now from Headline.

Ember Fury is one of the most action packed books I’ve ever read!

Teenager Ember,(otherwise known as Em) has been in rehab, prison and therapy classes because of her pyromaniac based problem.

But you can’t blame her – all she wants is a normal life!

Her dad’s a rockstar in a popular band called Slap!

Her mum was a famous talented artist before she died, and Ember’s new stepmum is the well known movie maker Charity Lane.

For the summer holidays, Em leaves London and her friends behind to visit L.A, where her dad and stepmum live.

The only problem is that she hates the paparazzi, being an icon and practically everything else about Los Angeles.  What can be done?

The only friend she has is an imaginary one – why is everything going downhill for her?

This is a great book for 11 to young adults and watch out for another book by the amazing Cathy Brett: Scarlett Dedd!



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