Vanished (Book One & Book Two) by Meg Cabot

Published by Simon and Schuster.

Meg Cabot- bestselling author of the princess diaries series-took a break from New York princesses to work on the fab mystery book; When lightning strikes.

In this story, a teenage girl called Jessica and her mate Ruth get caught out in a storm on their way home from school.  Lightning starts to strike as the two lost girls rush for shelter under a METAL stand… (Bad choice!  Lightning can pass through metal!)

The next thing best friend Ruth know, Jess is writhing on the floor after being struck. But there were no marks!

Once they get home, Jess notices a star shaped mark on her body where the lightning passed into her; but there’s no other mark to show where the lightning passed out from her and in the morning she acquired a superpower: thanks to the lightning’s fatal strike, Jess can now tell where missing people are.

However, can having mind powers be a bad thing???

Meg Cabot couldn’t leave the book as just a one-off, so she created a sequel called Code Name Cassandra in which Jess pretends to have lost her powers just so she can get away from all of the cameras and paparazzi.  She volunteers at a camp for talented kids, but the kids are beginning to realise who she really is.  That’s when she receives a package containing info on a missing child that needs to be found.  But, whilst Jess creeps out of the camp and tracks down the girl, one of the boys she was supposed to be taking care of vanishes from the camp!

Can Jess use her powers to save him as well as the other missing child?
Read these two books to find out!  Both stories are in one brilliant book called Vanished, so go to your local store to buy this fab book now!



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