Soul Beach by Kate Harrison

Due from Indigo (Orion) 1st September 2011

An email from her murdered sister sets Alice Forster on a chilling path – to solve the mystery of Meggie’s death, and the even greater mystery of her life AFTER death. When a girl receives an email from her murdered sister, a whole new adventure takes place…

Alice Forster’s sister, Meggie, was a teen superstar on a talent programme (Sing for your Supper) up until she was found dead in her college apartment, her hair spread out.

Nobody could answer why she’d been murdered; her boyfriend, friends and neighbours were taken in for questioning but still gave no evidence.

Before Meggie’s funeral, her younger sister Alice received an email from her!

It gave her an invitation to visit the virtual paradise of SOUL BEACH.

After the funeral, Alice logs onto the website and sees a beautiful tropical beach.

After a while, long dead teens appear, including her sister!

Alice finds she can communicate with her sister through a site for teens in limbo, but who really did kill Meggie Forster, and could Alice be next?

This is a really great book: it’s essential for every teenager to read!



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