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COVER REVEAL: The Map of Bones by Francesca Haig

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It’s taking me a while to write coherent sentences for this post. I’m SO EXCITED GAAAHHHH. 

Around this time last year a mysterious looking proof copy arrived at my house; branded with an A on the front, for Alpha. I still think the proof copy campaign for Alphas and Omegas is the coolest thing I’ve seen a publisher do, and The Fire Sermon was definitely a hugely talked about (and brilliant) book. I really enjoyed it. And now, the sequel is released very soon!

Today is the cover reveal for Map of Bones, out on the 7th of February. So, here it is!

091246-FCT (1)

I love it – from the Alpha and Omega symbols in the title, to the eerie skull which I’m curious to find out the meaning of!

What do you think of the cover?

Have you read book one and will you be reading the sequel?

Be sure to leave a comment with what you think! 🙂