Cover to Cover: My Favourite Overseas Book Designs

Just over two years ago, when I was starting to make graphics for this blog, I made one called Comparing Book Covers, where I looked at my favourite books of the time and the foreign editions I loved the look of.

After looking at some of my recent reads on Goodreads, I decided to make a sort of sequel to that blog post! See below for three titles I’ve recently enjoyed, and the overseas or special edition covers that I adore. Hopefully also, now I’m working in Photoshop, my graphics-making skills have somewhat improved… 🙂

Click on the image for an enlarged version!


I love books with brush fonts on the cover, as I think they’re really pretty, so that’s probably why I was so drawn to most of these. Another thing I love to see with book covers is how an artist interprets the theme of the book – for What We Left Behind, an LGBT* romance story, the English edition incorporates lots of small gender symbols, whilst the Australian version is a colourful rainbow. And with Beautiful Broken Things, the French edition’s cover design is a nod to a pivotal point in the story, and I think it’s presented really cleverly.

What books have you read recently, and do you have a favourite cover?



3 thoughts on “Cover to Cover: My Favourite Overseas Book Designs

  1. vendija723

    The only one of these I’ve read is Room. Movie covers bug me, and I liked the original cover a lot, but the UK one is also well done. The American cover for What We Left Behind looks very generic to me. I like the Australian cover more now that you’ve explained it. And knowing nothing about Beautiful Broken Things, the French cover really grabs me.

    Lovely graphic, by the way! I’d love to learn how to do that someday.

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