New Books! #51

NewBooksMemeBanner1I haven’t written up a book haul post in a few weeks – so here are all of the books I’ve bought and received over the couple of weeks of summer!

A little while ago I also re-homed my TBR pile, from the wardrobe it was all stacked in to bigger bookshelves. I did a rough count and it’s now around 200 books long… And I’ve run out of shelf space again… oops.


Blackwell’s Charing Cross Road was a really beautiful book store, so I was really sad to see it closing down! (Though I think they’re relocating somewhere, but to a smaller place) They had a sale of all of their remaining stock, so I picked up a copy of Julie Berry’s début – I have an ARC, but the finished copy is pretty… And also I was really excited to see some bloggers including myself quoted inside! I also spotted Ajax Penumbra 1969 – loved Robin Sloan’s Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore and had no idea the prequel was even available in stores – I couldn’t not buy it:D

IMG_0235Morden Hall Park has a really pretty second-hand bookshop, where everything is under a pound, so naturally I got a bit carried away!:D I picked up some books I’ve read really great things about – and also the complete works of Shakespeare because, after studying a couple of plays in school over the past year, I’ve gotten really into reading Shakespeare’s plays – but I definitely get less enjoyment out of them when I’m reading in class and having to dissect everything and study it in so much detail. I’m hoping to read some Shakespeare out of class, plainly for enjoyment, not work.


Two random titles I picked up in Sainsbury’s a while ago! x3 I have a Galley of The Bubble Wrap Boy on my Kindle, but I never really get around to kindle titles as I read physical copies more often, so I decided to buy it – along with Dead Ends by Erin Lange, which keeps catching my eye in stores and on blogs. I don’t completely know what it’s about, but as it’s being compared to John green’s books I’m really intrigued!

IMG_0247Thank you to Chicken House and Bloomsbury for the ARCs that arrived recently! I’ve really wanted to read a title by Sophia Bennett for a long time, so I hope I enjoy The Castle, her latest book. I’m also a really big fan of Neil Gaiman, and The Graveyard Book – so I’m really excited to read the graphic novel adaptation! I’m a little bit apprehensive, as it’s split into two volumes, and I’m nervous to see if there might be any changes to the story, but I might read the novel first, then this, and do a comparison / dual review post, maybe!

*UPDATE / EDIT because Tumblr distracted me and I totally forgot about the most exciting book AHHH*

IMG_0244 IMG_0245

I’m so jealous of my parents, because, as my dad was one of the first reviewers of SJ Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep, he was invited to Transworld’s publicist’s press screening of the movie adaptation. I haven’t yet read SJ’s debut, but ever since it first came out, I’ve been aching to read it. I was so ecstatic when my parents came home, having been able to get a film cover edition of the book for me… And even more so, because SJ Watson was kind enough to sign a copy for me! *flails* I can’t wait to read this, and see the film when it’s publicly released. 😀

Have you read any of these, and what would you recommend I read first? Leave a comment or tweet me @GeorgiaReads!(:


4 thoughts on “New Books! #51

  1. Liza @ Reading with ABC

    My co-blogger reviewed City of Halves this week and she enjoyed it. I’ve heard god things about All the Truth. I read Tithe a few years ago and I loved it 🙂


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