My top 5 Coming-of-Age novels


Hope you liked the infographic! I’d love to hear what similar books you enjoyed:D

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I usually do, and I have a few books I need to write reviews for. I only have three exams left at school, then I’ll be posting all the things I haven’t had time to!(:



12 thoughts on “My top 5 Coming-of-Age novels

  1. Couldn’t agree more on Love Letters to the Dead. I disliked The Perks of Being a Wallflower but I saw the film first (Emma Watson Fangirling took over) and it’s one of my favourite films. The story of Perks is definitely coming of age though πŸ™‚

    1. Eeeeeep Emma Watson! Although I liked the book I still haven’t seen the film… I DON’T KNOW HOW D: I really need to buy a copy soon. Not just because I liked the book. Largely because Emma Watson. :3

  2. Always love your infographics! πŸ™‚

    Completely agree with Looking for Alaska and Alex as Well and I really, really need to read Love Letter to the Dead and The Perks of being a Wallflower.

  3. Can you believe I haven’t read any of these!? *shakes head at herself* In my defence, at least I have Perks and Love Letters in my TBR and I did DNF Leopold Blue… Thank you for this list- really enjoyed reading it!!

    1. *le gasp* RITAAA! xD Ahh, sad you couldn’t finish Leopold Blue – I know it wasn’t everyone’s kinda book though! Do tell me what you think of Perks & LLTTD when you get around to them!:D
      Yay- thank you!

  4. Five awesome books there. My favorite at the moment would be Medicine Man from S. R. Howen, Both in the series are beautifully written novels. Native American paranormal fiction that also fall into the horror genre but a great coming of age story too. http://www.srhowen.com/

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