three years of blogging… whoa.


Yay! Three years ago today, I set up my blog as Books and Writers JNR, the YA-reviews version of my dad’s Books and Writers blog. That means I have had a blog for… *calculator timeeee* 1095 days (though admittedly I only really started blogging seriously at the end of 2012!)… The Bibliomaniac has gone through a lot of theme changes. And a name change. But you can read more about that here!

Firstly. Celebratory Gifs. Sherlock-y, obviously.

*celebratory Cumberbatch pirouette*

have some more Excited-Sherlock gifs to sum up my fangirling and stuff. πŸ˜›


A lot of bloggers who are extremely clever and organised do huge blogoversary events lasting for a week or longer… I’m not very organised. So this is a frantically-put-together post! I’ve never actually written a blogoversary post before. I completely forgot about it last year. Here goes…

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Firstly, thank yous to lots of bloggers for being awesome! There are so many lovely people I’ve gotten to meet through starting a blog, like Charli, M & Little M, Lucy, Amber, Hawwa, Jack, Ruby, Sophie, Amy, bloggy-Parabatai Fionnuala, Sunny, Bella, Rita, Jim, Debbie, Daphne, Cait and Stacey. I know there are a billion other people too because I’ve fangirled with wayyyy too many people on Twitter and Goodreads and various other social networks. So bloggy hugs to all of you guys; you’re awesome and I love all of your blogs. It’s been great to meet lots of bloggers at events- and I hope to meet the rest of you in the future! Also, to all of the lovely publishers in the UK and occasionally the US. You’re all super-awesome. Thank you for the review-books and the blogger events!

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*ponders what else to put in this blogoversary post* *regrets not actually organising something* Okay, throwing these things in πŸ˜€

My first ever blog post (and my first ever review!): Divergent Book Review. This is a reaaallly bad review. Spelling mistakes and all the things. It actually made me laugh quite a lot when I read it over xD

My first ever blog tour post: INSURGENT. Twelve year old me was stupidly excited about being in the Dauntless faction for the official Insurgent blog tour. My post was pretty… um *hides* full of really badly drawn dauntless people, because I was obsessed with my new Graphics tablet that I wasn’t very good with at the time. Hahaha.

My first ever interview post: Michelle Harrison. I think I wrote these questions with my dad… I can’t actually remember! But Michelle Harrison is a lovely author and I loved her 13 Treasures books, and more recently her Ghost-horror novel Unrest. Thanks for the first ever interview, Michelle πŸ˜€

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Some of my favourite blog posts to write. WordPress claims I’ve written around 390 by the time of writing this post (I’m writing this on the 20th April… Weirdly in advance :P). But I’ve been scouring my blog for some of the ones I found the most fun to write.

Favourite Event Recap: GRIMM TALES with Neil Gaiman and Meg Rosoff. Though the photos disappeared from my post somehow and I can’t recover them for some reason on WordPress, this is without doubt the coolest event I’ve been to whilst blogging. It was meant to be niel in conversation with Philip Pullman on his Grimm Tales, but Pullman had a fall the day before and was too ill to talk. Fortunately, he recovered soon after. But Meg Rosoff took his place. And I met the legend that is Neil Gaiman. I just. GAH.

Favourite interview post: An interview with… Tess Sharpe. This was so hard to pick- I also seriously loved my interview with SF Said, too! Both interviews were so fun to receive answers from, and I”m a huge fan of both of the authors’ books. Thank you to SF and Tess for the interview opportunities- and to all of the other lovely authors who’ve visited the blog too!

Favourite book review: She is not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick. I just fell in love with this book. It was so hard to pick a favourite book review but I had to go with this… Not sure why, I don’t even think I did the book justice… it was amazing!

Favourite Review-Graphic: Say Her Name by James Dawson. Info/Review-graphic-y things are relatively new to the blog, but I’ve really liked playing around online making them. Say Her Name’s one was definitely the most fun one to make, because freaky mirrors and handprints and writing in blood and general scariness! Yay!


Aaaaaand, I’ll wrap up there. So, yay! Three year blogoversary- whoop! Thanks again to all the lovely amazing bloggers and publishers and other people I’ve gotten to meet. And, also, especially to everybody who’s been reading my blog, whetehr that’s every post or only a couple- and thanks to everyone for following over Facebook and Twitter and other social things.

I’m definitely not going to stop blogging any time soon- though now I’m in year nine, over the next four, five years or so until the end of Sixth form there are obviously going to be frequent, reluctant hiatus for… *shivers* exams… *hides behind pile of books*

Anyway, I leave you with more gifs.


6 thoughts on “three years of blogging… whoa.

  1. Ruby @ Feed Me Books Now

    ALL I LOVE IN ONE POST: Sherlock and your blog! CONGRATS for 3 WHOLE years!!! Woah, you’re such an experienced blogger (you old granny;)! πŸ˜€

    Here’s to many more years blogging – can’t wait to see what will be next from The Bibliomaniac! :))

  2. Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary

    HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, GEORGIA! You’re one of my favourite bloggers and I hope you continue to blog for a very long time. LOVE YOU, GEORGIA!


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