Bloggy Changes! (possibly)

Books and Writers JNR has been running for almost exactly three years now, and I’ve gone through three different themes! In 2011, it had a really simple, normal theme, that doesn’t seem to be on WordPress anymore… (I tried to find a screenshot of it, and failed). Then, and I think this was at the start of 2013, I swapped to this theme:

The Next Saturday Theme

I think that lasted for less than a month… I decided against the colours, and it was a bit too in-your-face for me. A bit later in 2013, I changed to the Crafty theme:

Crafty Theme

And it’s been like that ever since! I never really played around with the themes much, and although I do like this theme at the moment, I’ve found a few others and I think they’ll be better for the blog. A lot of them are paid themes, and I don’t think I want to pay for a theme yet, so this is a free one I like: I can play around with it a lot and it’s a simpler format. I think I prefer it to Crafty, because the Crafty theme makes my blog look a bit… happy, when I don’t think that really reflects what kind of books I read and review! (flowers and a happy looking apple dude in my widgets bar, next to zombie books. Um.)


I don’t just want to change my blog theme, though- I’ve decided on altering the name a bit. Books and Writers JNR is kinda confusing- I always get asked what the JNR’s for! (If you still don’t know, it’s because this is the ‘jnr’ version of my dad’s Books and Writers blog). After my dad decided to stop blogging at books and writers, I wanted to take the JNR off, but I was never sure I wanted simply Books and Writers. Over the last month I’ve been Googling up lots of blog names, and a lot are already taken- the blogosphere’s huge, and keeps growing, and I’ve been scared I’ll steal a name without realising!

But, I’ve decided on The Bibliomaniac. I like the name, and there’s been a book blog called this before, but as far as I’ve been able to see, it’s been changed. This week I’ve been playing around with header ideas for the blog, and this is one I like- I designed it quickly and it might be temporary, it might not be! I’d love to hear what you think about it, over Twitter on in the comments:


So, that’s the header and the theme that I’m hoping to put up very soon- I just want to hear what people think! I don’t want to actually change my site name, though- I think that will just be kept as, as I’m not the best at WordPress-y things and I don’t want to mess things up of anything.

S0, I’d love to hear what you think- Do you like the possible new blog name and the header? 😀 I might end up tweaking some things over the next couple of days, but aside from that, my blog should hopefully be re-designed by the end of the month!


12 thoughts on “Bloggy Changes! (possibly)

  1. Jesse Owen

    I love the new header you’ve got there and I really like the new name!

    Amending the address shouldn’t be too hard to do (in theory anyway) – a case of exporting your posts from here and importing them onto the new blog. Though of course keeping your current address will of course be easier (and you’re guaranteed not to loose subscribers in the process!)

  2. Amy Bookworm

    I never really thought the layout didn’t suit your blog, but I’m not a layout expert… So don’t ask my opinions on the area aesthetics, LOL! It makes me feel OK about never really changing my layout, maybe a tiny tweak, as you didn’t to start with. I’m not the best at change XD It gets fiddly…
    But the new name! I love it, Gee Bibliomaniac! I can already see it 🙂 Getting re-followers when changing URL is hard- like on bloglovin’ or feedly; I don’t think you need to change that but good luck with whatever you decide to change!
    Happy reading, Girl! 🙂

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