Oh hai, new blog theme!

SO IT HAPPENED! New theme! I decided to get it out of the way, today. I’ve had a lot of feedback over twitter and in the comments of my last blog post. Virtual hugs to you all!

I’m now The Bibliomaniac Book Blog, and I’m now blue (No, I mean, just the theme and stuff. I’m cold, but I’m not that cold :P). I have a new theme and a new blog header…

blogheader…and to match, I now have new little rating system symbols- still my little hearts in speech bubbles,but slightly differently designed (but, with the same meanings! You can check out my rating system, explained properly, here.):

bibliomaniacheart bibliomaniacheart1

Post Update! πŸ˜€

I was going through older posts, and realised I hadn’t re-designed the book haul banner. So, I did a bit of a rushed one this morning, for Saturday’s post. I think I’ll probably make a better one, but…


And, ta-da! So, it’s all new looking and shiny now! Slightly winter-y. But, I like it, so I hope everybody else does, too. I’m keeping my URL for my blog the same, because otherwise I might lose followers and readers, if I switch, etc.! But, I hope you all like the new layout and the new name. I’m happy with it! Huge thanks to everyone again who gave me feedback and who read the blog (: ❀


15 thoughts on “Oh hai, new blog theme!

  1. beckyday6

    Wow, I love the theme, very stylish! I’m really into all the blue and green hues at the moment so this is totally to my taste. πŸ™‚ I think you’ve done an excellent job!
    I’ve been slowly messing around with my theme behind the scenes lately too, it’s a lot of fun but there’s so much to think about.

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