Page to Film: Adaptions I’m most excited for in 2014!



There are so many other movies to be excited about,too! Debbie @ Snuggling on the Sofa made this brilliant post about them.

Leave a comment with what you’re most excited for! (: As well as these, I’m also excited about all the Marvel movies out soon, like X Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy! I hope you enjoyed the graphic-y thing (:


10 thoughts on “Page to Film: Adaptions I’m most excited for in 2014!

  1. Oh, I’m SO looking forward to The Fault in Our Stars! I wonder how many packets of tissues I’ll need to take to the cinema? πŸ˜‰ Love the graphic!

  2. I cannot wait for all of these! I just hope I’m not disappointed. I’ve had movie adaptions fail me before and these are all books I’d very much rather to be turned into perfect adaptions. Great graphics, by the way!

  3. EEEEP so many amazing book-to-movie adaptions coming out this year! πŸ˜€ Time to drag my sister around to all of them, hehe. Of course I’m quite nervous to see how they go, but I’m so pumped to see the book come to life. I’m dying to see The Fault in Our Stars, Mockingjay and Divergent the most. I’m planning to read The Book Thief soon so I’ll probably be ecstatic for that one too xD Great list, Georgia!

    1. ahhhhh thank you!! :3 Yeah… I’m a little bit scared of it being in two parts! It annoys me so much that it’s doing that. It’ll drag the movie out. I’m scared it will ruin it… 😦

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