New Books! #35


A day-late, relatively shorter than usual, book haul post! πŸ˜€ Mainly this week, I’ve bought eBooks- two thirds of which were due to #TeaTime run by Epic Reads. I only got to watch last Wednesday’s stream for a few minutes, but I bought Patricia McCormick’s book and Paul Zindel’s book thanks to them! They look really interesting, and I love their new covers.



A little about the other two titles:

THE HUMANS by Matt Haig:Β I’ve just wanted to read this for so long! The story seems really intriguing and the cover is striking and I keep looking at it in the Kindle store and in Bookshops. I decided I’d finally buy it- I hope I find it as awesome as a lot of people have said it is.

Looking at the Stars by Jo Cotterill: The cover is so gorgeous… and the synopsis had me really interested. I requested a copy from Random House recently and it arrived this week. I can’t wait to start it- Thank you, Random House! This had gone straight up to the top of the TBR, so I’ll be reading it very soon. As well as a review soon, there will also be a special post of some kind for this book, hopefully at the end of the month… *mysterious face* πŸ˜‰Β 

So that’s my book haul for the week! Leave a comment linking back to your own book haul, or telling me what you think of these titles if you’ve read one before! ;D

I’m kind of glad that the majority of this was eBooks because the amazing to-read-wardrobe literally will not hold any more books. Oops.


7 thoughts on “New Books! #35

  1. maya321

    The Humans is the only one of these books I’ve read, and I REALLY enjoyed it. The others look great too – hope you like them all!

  2. notesoflifeuk

    I love those covers! πŸ™‚ I must get around to reading The Humans… I was lucky enough to meet Matt Haig at Hay Festival last year, so I grabbed a copy to get it signed.


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