An Experimental Post!

A (slightly different than normal) book review: IMPOSTOR by Susanne Winnacker

Hi blogosphere! Yesterday I was jotting down ideas, for what kinds of new posts I could do this year. Last year was pretty much Review, Review, Haul, Review, Review, Haul, Event, Review, Review… It probably got pretty boring. I’d love to do more discussions this year on my blog, because they’re really fun to write but I’ve never actually published one before.

I was also fiddling around on some sites yesterday, working out ways to make my reviews look cooler, as I’ve already attempted this with my book haul posts.  I came up with what’s below! ;D It’s a book review, but I wanted to make it look a bit more fun and different from my normal, rather long ones that are entirely text. Behold: the Review-Graphic *cue heavenly choir music*. I don’t know if this has been done before…

I’ve picked a book that I recently loved, to experiment here with. I hope you enjoy the graphic, and that you’re left wanting to pick up a copy of the book… (:

Click on the image for a close up, if the text is difficult to read!


I hope you enjoyed the mini-review and my review-graphic! I really recommend Impostor. It was such a brilliant start to a series; make sure you find the chance to read it! (: I’ll be eagerly awaiting the sequel, Defector, which is out in June (way to far away…. gah!)

Thanks to Liz for being very awesome and letting me borrow her copy!


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