A 2013 round-up!

2013, you went STUPIDLY quickly. But you were an awesome year. 😀 I started blogging in May 2011, but I started blogging properly, I guess, at the beginning of this year. I’m really glad I did: 2013 has been so awesome mainly thanks to the blogosphere! I’ve been to some publishing lunches, and I got into going to events at various bookshops. I’ve met a ton of lovely people this year- authors, bloggers, publicists… It’s been so brilliant!:D

Here’s my round up of 2013, in picture-infographic-ish-things, because I felt a bit artsy. They probably don’t look as awesome as I imagined them… If it’s hard to read them, click on them to bring yourself to a bigger version of the image!

I’ve mentioned a lot of bloggers in one picture: But I’ve met so many people that I think I have missed some out. If I have, I’m really sorry! You’re still very awesome ;D All of the bloggers I’ve met this year and through blogging as a whole have had super-awesome blogs.


You can find links to all the sites I’m on in the widgets bar on the left, apart from Netgalley, because that’s not a social network!




Post Edit: I realised that the ratings are wrong because I gave a lot of things X and a half hearts this year! These are rounded up.


Hopefully that’s all the things covered! ;D I quite enjoyed making those infographic thingies so maybe I’ll do more posts like this for different subjects soon… I’m really happy with this year bookish-blogging wise. Again- big thank yous and hugs and virtual cake to all of the lovely authors and publishers I’ve read books from! It’s been awesome meeting lots of new people, too. I’m looking forward to meeting more people and reading more books and carrying on with blogging in 2014!

Happy reading and writing and blogging and everything for next year, everyone! :p


8 thoughts on “A 2013 round-up!

  1. Sophie Louise

    Hi Georgia!

    Thank you SO much for my mention – I’m glad we’re blogging-buddies! It seems like it has been an amazing year for you, and I hope you get to go to a ton of events next year, and that you achieve all your goals. Of course, I hope you read more great books too!

    You should use infographics more often – I really loved the format of this post!


  2. Ruby @ Feed Me Books Now

    I love this post Georgia – such a clever idea! Your goals are all brilliant (and achievable)… I’m hoping to do both Camp NaNo and Nano next year as I forgot about them this year! OOooh and so many brilliant publishers & bloggers listed! ;D

    Best wishes for 2014

    1. keithbwalters Post author

      Thank you, Ruby!! 🙂 Same here: I wanted to Camp NaNo in 2013 but never did! I hope yours goes well. 🙂 I’m so sorry!! :O I didn’t add your name on the list and I feel so ARRGHGHGH. Because you should’ve been at the top as the sherlock-fangirly buddy!! 😀

  3. Rachel Hamilton

    Great post, Georgia. I love these yearly round-up blog posts and your graphics are very glamorous :-). It warms the cockles of my heart that you guys have created blogger friendship groups amongst yourselves. Many of my favourite young bloggers are on your list and several have helped me out with a lot of questions this year, so ‘yay’ for you all.

    I also like your publishers page. You should add S&S this year – they have some amazing new books coming out in 2014 by debut authors . Check out ‘The Dark Inside’ by Rupert Wallis, ‘The Year of the Rat’ by Clare Furniss, ‘Shift’ by Jeff Povey, ‘The Savage Kingdom’ by Simon David Eden … oh, and there might also be one by me, but mentioning that would be shameless 😉

    Wishing you the happiest of Happy New Years.


    1. keithbwalters Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Rachel! 🙂 I reviewed some things from s&s quite a while ago, but I don’t know why I stopped this year, haha! I must drop them an email soon as their’14 titles look awesome- including yours! Can’t wait for it:D


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