The GIF Tag!

Hawwa is a blogger @ It Was Lovely Reading You, and she made this awesome tag called The GIF Tag. Her post made me laugh so much, so I really wanted to join in! :3 This is what Hawwa said:

“Today i’m posting a tag i made up after thinking, why not? I use GIFs a lot. I fangirl a lot. The two go together, so why not make a tag to show what type of GIF reactions you would use in certain situations. So the GIF tag was born! *drum roll*”

So YEAH. Awesome, awesome tag. I don’t think I’ve done a bloggy tag before but I’m hoping to do more in 2014- a lot of people have tagged me in various things… Here we go! ;D

when you meet: someone who likes reading


someone who hates reading

WTF? Abandon thred

someone who reads

Jon Stewart Fangirling

someone who doesn’t read

Oprah Sad Yes

someone who’ships’ the same characters as you

Colbert High Five

waiting for the last book in a series


finishing the last book in a series


book to film adaptions


when an author kills off a favourite character

I Give Up

in a book shop

Cookie Monster Dance

finding out an author you love is writing a new book

Excited Adventure Time

Hawwa will notice that I didn’t do *all* of them… well there were a few that I couldn’t actually find awesome enough gifs for, and I was laughing like a nutter doing this and had to stop myself ;D

So… I am going to tag someone now! I’ll go for Charli @ To Another World– happy GIF-ing Charli!! (:

This post would’ve gone up tomorrow, but tomorrow it’s Christmas!! ;D I may not be blogging for the rest of the week, as I’ve been contemplating a short break to organise 2014 posts. But, there might be a review up on Friday! So merry Christmas for tomorrow, bookish people! (:


4 thoughts on “The GIF Tag!

  1. itwaslovelyreadingyou

    LIKE a nutter?. you ARE a nutter. ;p jokes. I’m glad you liked the tag and OMG THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME NEW GIFS TO SAVE. lol where did you find them??? the someone who hates reading one is SO TRUE. xD
    thanks for doing it. :0


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