New Books! #31


Yay! A lot of very awesome books arrived this week, and I just want to start them all, now! A big chunk of them were won, because I enter a competition at the London MCM Expo in October. So I have five lovely, expensive looking, geeky books to fangirl over- as well as some lovely titles from publishers! (: I wrote this post as I normally do, but I had so much to write, I’ve had to shrink the pictures a lot- otherwise, you’d be scrolling to the end for ages! s:

Received in Post:

Books from the comp!

1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay ideas: Cosplaying, if you don’t know, is designing costumes based on fictional characters, mainly! There are so many cosplayers at conventions and events like the MCM. I don’t cosplay myself, but I do love the idea of designing costumes, and want to, properly, at some point! This is full of lovely pictures of some beautiful outfits. I love it- may mini-review at some point!


An Anatomy of Steampunk by Katherine Gleason: This is the book I entered the competition for! I don’t really review much steampunk on here, as I’m more about the fashion and artwork- but I absolutely love this style. This book is so beautiful, and I’ve been wanting it for ages! I’ve had a flick through, and I’m definitely going to be including this in my Spotlight on Steampunk event!


17288605The Making of Return of the Jedi: eeeeeep! This looks so great! I love Sci-Fi, and am a little bit of a Star Wars Fangirl.I can’t wait to have a proper read of this, as I really want to have a look at backstage, and all of the special effects, and costumes!


Terminator Vault: The Complete Story Behind the Making of the Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The Terminator Vault: I couldn’t find the right cover for the copy I’ve got, online! But, I think I have watched Terminator, but I can’t really remember much… So, I’ll probably read this, then have to watch the films! It is a great book, though, as it has lots of replicas of documents and photographs featured in the film, and copies of scripts! All very awesome! (:

Middle-earth Envisioned: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings: On Screen, On Stage, and BeyondMiddle-Earth-Envisioned: ASDFGHJKL. I was NOT expecting this book- I didn’t even see it on Aurum Press’s MCM Expo table! But Middle Earth! LoTR! Squeeeee! I can’t wait to have a proper read of this; the beautiful cover has had me so intrigued. I love Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit so much- and flicking through this, it’s got everything about Middle Earth- right down to the LEGO kits!

Not the comp prizes! 

We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth

We Will Destroy your Planet: an Alien’s Guide to Conquering the Earth: Well, this had me intrigued, by the title. It’s a funny MG handbook for Aliens, and I can remember reading something similar, when I was at the target age range. The lovely people at Osprey Publishing have sent me a copy- so I’m excited to start reviewing for them, and for reading this!


Received on Netgalley:

PhoenixPhoenix by S. F. Said: This looks like such a great title! I have seen it a few times in bookshops- and was originally captivated by the illustrations. I love Dave McKean’s art! Then, I read the synopsis, and was really intrigued. I really can’t wait for this- but I’m sure after reading it on a Kindle, I’ll go and buy a hardback copy- because they’re really beautiful!


Stay Where you Are and then Leave by John Boyne: Is it bad I’ve never read John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas? Gosh, that is bad. That’s a modern classic! Well, I got his new titles on Netgalley, which is also meant to be as heart-rendering! I’m really looking forward to both of Boyne’s titles- I’ll probably read them back to back. I also want to read more Historical Fiction, so this was convenient! (:


PAWN by Aimee Carter: Never Judge a Book by its Cover… I know. But I did request this based a lot on the cover- it looks so original, with a sci-fi dystopia element! However, the book does sound amazing, not only cover-wise. I haven’t read that much by this publisher before, so this book looks like a good starting point!



In all, I’m so excited about all of these books (Sorry about the overuse of excited exclamation marks :P)! It’s increased my TBR pile by a lot, though- so I better start reading more, as I haven’t been much, this year. Leave a comment telling me what you think of the titles if you’ve read them- or link me back to your own haul (:


4 thoughts on “New Books! #31

  1. Sunny

    Stay where you are and then leave and Pawn look awesome! So jealous, looks like you’ve got some cool reads a head of you. Looking forward to what you think. Happy Reading, Enjoy 🙂


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