Halloween Reads!

Last year, when I wasn’t blogging as frequently as I do now, I tasked myself with reading only Halloween-themed titles- and I failed miserably. I was a really slow reader last year- not getting around to half of the books, and not getting round to reviewing them either! This year, though, I’ve decided to read more horror books for Halloween, one of the best holidays of the year, and to also have a proper blog event for this! Say hello to…


So, above is my meme banner for the next fortnight-ish, that I made last week! Click on it for a bigger picture. You’ve already seen this, as it’s my header, but I love what Books For Birds made for my header banner too, because I couldn’t work out how to fiddle with it at first:


What’s going to be in Halloween Reads?

Firstly, reviews of only horror/spooky/paranormal books up until the 31st! I’ve read half of the list I’ve made- and I’m planning to get through the rest very soon. Here are all of the books I’m hoping to read and review for the fortnight!

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., #1)Zom-B Baby (Zom-B, #5)CoralineEscape from Furnace 1: LockdownSolitary (Escape From Furnace, #2)

Something Wicked This Way ComesWhite Cat (Curse Workers, #1)UnrestFrankenstein

Also, I’m attending a talk by the awesome Darren Shan very soon (at the Guildford Book Festival), so I’ll have an event account of that up for Halloween- as well as possibly an author guest post or two, if I have them ready in time. If the guest posts don’t go ahead, then there’ll definitely be a couple of discussion posts!

I’m also contemplating on doing a twitter chat about (mainly YA) horror books- If you’d be interested, please let me know!

What do you think of Halloween Reads? Have you read any of the books on my list above, or are you going to the at the Darren Shan event? Leave a comment! (:


5 thoughts on “Halloween Reads!

  1. Tilly @ Hardcore Heroines

    Ooh this is such a good idea! I’ve only read White Cat, and I enjoyed it, but it’s not the best. I really want to read Frankenstein because I hear it’s a great classic (and free on Kindle). I’d definitely be interested in the twitter chat, I now want more ideas on freaky books to read over Halloween! Have fun at the Darren Sham event! 😀

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