Mini Reviews: All Our Yesterdays and Doll Bones

I’m very behind on netgalley reviews- eek! I’ve decided to catch up on Netgalley titles I’ve forgotten to review, in my mini reviews posts, which may start getting more frequent! Here are two really different books! One covers time travel and sci-fi in a mind-blowing concept; the other an eerie quest to search for answers about a doll that may or may not be entirely made of bones. *ducks behind couch*

All Our YesterdaysALL OUR YESTERDAYS (By Cristin Terrill, published by Bloomsbury)

All Our Yesterdays was, quite simply, mind blowing. The concept was really original and a one-of-a-kind, fresh take on a time travel novel. I was really scared that I’d not like this, maybe because I’d find it too confusing, and I was really afraid I’d be the first of many readers, not to like this. Ah, I was too worried. This book was awesome! I delved into it knowing only that it involved a lot of time travel and action and drama. I was definitely right there. There was never a dull moment in this book: Right from the beginning, when Em finds a note from a version of herself in a different time, telling her she has to kill her best friend if she wants to save the world. I was a little bit confused as to why Em loved Marina so much as first, as I thought she didn’t know her, but then some extremely clever connections were made. *spoiler alert!!!* Marina is Em’s past self. *spoiler over!!!* That was just really clever, and I’ve honestly never seen a  plot twist like it in a book before. Whilst the ending was quite a bit too fast paced for me, I really did love the ending. It’s the kind of last chapter that you have to read over and over again- not because you didn’t understand it, but because it was just so unpredictable and genius that it’s hard to get over it. Just… ahh! Amazing, amazing book. Go find a copy, now!

Doll BonesDOLL BONES (by Holly Black, published by Random House) 

Doll Bones was such a fun, and relatively quick, read, that I’d really recommend to kids and teens alike! Holly Black is an absolutely brilliant author, though before this I’d only read her writing in the Spiderwick Chronicles. I was really glad that I got an ecopy of this book! It wasn’t exactly the story that I’d expected. It turned out differently than I’d guessed it would, but it really was a fun read. Three best friends, Zach, Poppy, and Alice, are whisked away on an adventure to bury a doll to put its spirit (the ghost of the girl its bones were made of) to rest. The whole thing was hugely eerie, and even though it was targeted at quite a young audience, it definitely sent shivers up my spine at some points! The other side to the story was quite unexpected. Really, if you stripped away the horror story and the ghostly aspects, the story was about growing up. Zach’s dad threw his toys away, saying he should stop playing with dolls, and that’s really what sparked their whole expedition. I really liked that aspect of the story, because it was quite emotional, too, seeing how Zach would cope with that on the side of their mystery. The characters were relatable, and the story was well structured, haunting and mysterious… what’s not to love about this?

My Ratings: 


To All Our Yesterdays


To Doll Bones (This seems like a low rating… but check out my rating system page and it’s really not! :))

I received both of these titles from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a review. In no way at all did this affect my thoughts.



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